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IntelliVocab for SAT: an App for Scoring 1600 on SAT

IntelliVocab is the first Artificial Intelligent engine using the latest in Artificial Intelligence and Web Semantics to personalize the learning experience of English vocabulary for competitive exams. It ensures you achieve the top scores in competitive exams like GMAT, SAT, GRE or in your professional work. Download here instantly!


Sunnyvale, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/28/2011 -- IntelliVocab for SAT – An App built in MIT dorm room has grown to over 250K users. This motivates the Faqden Labs team to continue developing it further and expanding scope to other areas within SAT space.

More you practice, more it learns about you. It uses latest machine learning algorithms and web semantic techniques to collapse billions of possibilities into comprehensible probabilistic profile information, in real-time. It ensures you achieve the top scores in competitive exams like GMAT, SAT, GRE or in your professional work. Download here ( instantly!

It helps you study and learn vocabulary. It uses a highly developed semantic techniques based on artificial intelligence to learn about your vocabulary skills and your learning habits and then based on these algorithm equations it provides more challenging vocabulary items for you.  Users using mobile devices can now enlarge their vocabulary repertoire and keep it fresh and up-to-date. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod, iPod Touch and Android. With its two parameters “Expert Level” and “Commitment level” which are determined based on the interactions with the words & the iPhone App/AI engine, it has drew the app more meaningful. How Can You get Started using IntelliVocab?(

Besides 290 words in free version it has over 5000 words in the paid version ( - probably a larger vocabulary list than many of its competitors). It lets you add local notifications for the words which you did wrong, hence helping you master the words quickly. It personalizes English vocabulary learning for competitive exams and personal improvement.  It identifies your weak and strong areas and completely controls your learning environment. You can track your progress by dint of statistics. Its interface is incredibly easy to use. The only thing you have to do is to interact more and more. Now with its latest version 1.9 it is available at iTune app store ( compatible with iOS5.

It was rated as one of the Best 5 iPhone Apps for Building SAT Vocabulary. Also it was covered by #1 iphone app Blogger. Hence, jump out of the boredom of flashcards, mini - tests, practice questions, review materials and have multiple choices using this app. By saying this I would like to link you all to Faden Labs CEOs Space for his novel step of featuring out a separate website for Intellivocab which undoubtedly will drive the concept to a higher level in Education Category of apps.

About Faqden Labs
Faqden Labs is a group of technology enthusiasts who love building cutting edge mobile applications for all kinds of mobile platforms. Faqden labs was founded in 2010, by MIT and Cornell engineers with passion for building great products. If you have an interesting idea, they would love to collaborate on apps development and marketing strategies. They provide custom web application development services, including website design and development, software consulting, application integration, and application maintenance services. They love engineering as much as they love design. They ensure every app we work on is delivered on time with the highest quality. In addition to IntelliVocab for SAT iPhone app, they also market (1) IntelliVocab for GRE/GMAT iPhone app (2) IntelliVocab for Business iPhone app (3) Trailhead: Basecamp client for iPad (4) Technical Interviews Demystified iPhone app.