Global Vegetable Oil Market by Types (Edible and Industrial) (2009-2016)


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/04/2011 -- With the recovery in global economy, vegetable oil market is witnessing a significant growth in terms of value and volume. Increasing prices of oil and oilseed by 16% after 2009 and growing demand of palm oil especially from food sector is driving the market for vegetable oil.

Other factors such as economic recovery, upcoming food regulations, increased consumption of edible oil, increased investments in bio diesel plants, demand of palm oil derived bio-diesel, changing eating habits in emerging countries are other factors which are fuelling the growth of global vegetable oil market. The global vegetable oil market is dominated by palm oil estimated to be 32% followed by soybean oil (27%) and rapeseed oil (16%) in 2010.

The growth of vegetable oil market is anticipated by growing demand from energy markets which is being dominated by bio-diesel which accounted for 42% of the global vegetable oil demand. The major geographies in terms of production include European Union, U.S., Brazil, Argentina, Indonesia, Malaysia, China and India.

The report discusses in details about:

Production trends & challenges
Consumption trends & challenges
Price trends & drivers
International import & export trends

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Global Vegetable Oil Market by Types (Edible and Industrial) (2009-2016)

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