Michiel Drenth

Retro Tetris Game Revived on the Web With Launch of Dedicated Online Portal


Lemmer, Friesland -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/07/2011 -- The game Tetris is still a phenomenon on the internet. Thousands of people play this game daily. Taking a look at the statistics brought by the Google Keyword Estimator, we can tell the word Tetris is searched over 9 million times a month. Proven fact this game is more alive than ever!

It is a common fact a lot of retro games has found their way to the web and even to the mobile platform. Another great example of this is the game Pac Man. When looking closely on the web, lots of game clones can be found. The same goes for the game Tetris. This is part of the decision the online gaming portal http://www.tetrisforfree.net/ was launched. "The portal can be seen as some sort of catalog, where people can browse and find their favorite Tetris game", owner Drenth said. This is in fact something the modern day world demands, people do not find the time anymore hopping from website to website in order to find what they need.

This global concept is exactly what the Dutch based company ThinkAlike strives for: putting down small portals in a lot of niches. “The power of these small portals is it makes everything a bit easier for the end-user: they directly know what the website is about and find their favorite content within a snap”, Drenth said. ThinkAlike started out in September 2010 and already has put 5 of these concepts into the market. Powered by a well-structured Content Management system this can easily become much more. Plans are to bring these platforms to mobile websites as well someday, reaching even more true gaming fans online.

For now the existing niche websites bring along enough work, especially when looking for great content. There are already a lot of challenging Tetris games to be found on the website, but people always want fresh and more. If you are a true Tetris fan, have a look on http://www.tetrisforfree.net .