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When people are united in marriage, it is a public declaration of their love and commitment. celebrates this union with a new, informative website.


Charlotte, NC -- (SBWIRE) --11/15/2011 -- ( today announced a new website filled with tips and articles about one of the most sacred and important events in a person's life: their wedding vows/a. Sample titles include Wedding Vows: Blending With Culture, Wedding Vows For A Meaningful Union, and Wedding Vows: A Binding Promise.

Wedding vows, the most important element in an alliance, seal a marriage. When a man and a woman are united in marriage, it is a public declaration of their love and commitment. It has a profound meaning, but today people have begun to trivialize its significance.

Unfortunately, marriages are increasingly seen as insignificant partnership based purely on feelings and convenience, rather than on the bedrock of commitment. Many experts in human relationships opine that the lack of commitment to conjugal life often lead to break-ups. Honoring wedding vows is often underpinned by marriage councilors to over come the temptations of divorce when challenged by various issues of life.

This is why a website like is important. The information contained within emphasizes the importance of this scared commitment, and sheds light on the different cultural heritages and traditions involved in a marriage ceremony.

Some of the headings in the article Wedding Vows: Blending With Culture, are Types of Vows, Cultural Blend, and A sample of Vows from Different Religions. All of the articles on the visually-appealing website stress the importance of commitment, and the appropriateness and meaningfulness of individual wedding vows.

The words in wedding vows are chosen carefully to express feelings of love and affection. It may seem a bit cumbersome to write wedding vows, especially because you have myriad other matters to be dealt with while you plan a wedding ceremony. But the task can be inspiring and interesting if you remember that special person you have chosen to walk the aisle with you.