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Sweepstakes and Contests Surge in Popularity During Economic Slump

Tight finances are driving more and more people to pin their hopes on ‘winning big’ in contests and sweepstakes according to Greg Reynolds of


Raleigh, NC -- (SBWIRE) --11/15/2011 -- The upswing in the number of people seeking out winning opportunities in sweepstakes and contests is noticeable since the economic slump settled on the country and that kind of activity is a win-win for entrants and sponsors.

Sweepstakes, unlike lotteries, cannot accept payment for someone to enter, nor can they favor entries accompanied by an order or payment. So entering is free, winning is free, and everyone has an equal chance to win. That concept becomes very appealing when money is tight.

Contests and sweepstakes are a win-win for entrants and sponsors. Whether you enter to win a trip, money, or merchandise, the possibility of winning is exciting. For the sponsor, their products or services reach more potential consumers and are a great way to advertise, promote their offerings, and create good will.

“We saw a huge surge in people looking for free gas or free gas cards when the price of fuel skyrocketed,” said Greg Reynolds, webmaster of “Other popular sweepstakes are for cash, of course, but also for free trips, cars, and gift cards for merchandise.

The key is to find out about which sweepstakes are being offered, what the rules are, and what prizes are being offered. Having an online community to connect with other sweepstakes lovers while finding out about some of the newest and most popular contests is an easy way to keep your winning dreams alive.

“What’s the old saying? Since somebody is going to win, it might as well be me!” Reynolds laughs. “And you certainly can’t win if you don’t enter. We hear from so many visitors who say that just sharing what they would do if they won a big pile of money can keep their hopes up and is fun in and of itself.”

In any sweepstakes, be sure to pay special attention to the ‘Official Rules.’ By law, you will always see words like, “No purchase is necessary to enter and a purchase will not improve your chances of winning.” But there may be other rules or terms that entrants and/or winners must adhere to. For example, if you are entering to win a trip, the rules may state that the trip must be taken at a certain time. Or you may be required to appear in ‘Winners Circle’ photos, events, or news. It’s best to know before you enter.

It is never a good idea to pin your financial future on a game of chance. But sweepstakes and contests can be a fun way to dream about the “what ifs” of winning and who knows, you just may win something after all.

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