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Moulin Rouge, Paris An Experience to Remember


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/16/2011 -- The Moulin Rouge is highly regarded all over the world, and it is not hard to appreciate why. Much of the allure of turn-of-the-century France is very apparent in the club's interior decoration. The Moulin Rouge Paris is an extremely favoured destination for visitors, and offers remarkable, distinctive musical dance entertainment for people from all over the world.

Indulge in an evening cabaret show at the Moulin Rouge: always strongly advised. As you taste some sumptuous champagne, have your breath taken away by the extraordinary array of colours and sounds of a “Féerie” show.

When dusk falls, Paris stunningly bursts into life. Become captivated by the astonishing Moulin Rouge, the world renowned Parisian cabaret.

It is both the oldest and most distinguished of all the cabarets in Paris. Be fascinated by some outstanding choreography at the compelling “Féerie”, led by a group of 100 artists. Marvel at 1000 dramatic costumes composed of rhinestones, feathers and sequins, all flamboyantly exhibited against dazzling sets. This outstanding evening can be made more delight with Hop on Hop Off Paris, one you will not soon forget.

The Moulin Rouge, Paris is perhaps most celebrated as the very birthplace of the can-can. In its beginnings, the can-can functioned as a appealing dance by the prostitutes who were working at the Moulin Rouge. The can-can soon developed into a form of entertainment in its own right, and played a vital part in the spread of cabaret all over Europe.

Paris is an enormously noteworthy world capital that proliferates with a truly astounding assortment of nightlife. However, it is, of course, particularly renowned for its wide-ranging number of cabarets. The finest, most memorable of all cabarets is well and truly none other than the wonderful Moulin Rouge.

About The Moulin Rouge
It was built by Joseph Oller in 1889, who was also the owner of the distinguished Paris Olympia. The name Moulin Rouge approximately translates to ‘red windmill.’ During this era, one of the music hall's most striking frequenters was artist Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, who painted many renowned Moulin Rouge scenes.  Some of the extremely celebrated singers who have performed at the Moulin Rouge include Yvette Guilbert, Josephine Baker, Frank Sinatra and the incomparable Édith Piaf. 

The Moulin Rouge is arguably the most legendary cabaret on the globe. Visit for an experience to remember.