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A Rome Segway Tour – An Unforgettable Experience

Delve into ancient Rome by virtue of a most modern device: a segway. Go on a Rome guided segway tour and become truly enthralled by the appeal of this antiquated city, for so much more than the standard Rome sightseeing tour experience.


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/23/2011 -- Rome is where the modern and antique intertwine. However, the city is arguably best known for its antiquarian architectural marvels. It is home to some of the most prominent museums on the globe. Rome is a city unsurpassed in its extraordinary commingling of old and new. Take a journey into its history on an altogether idiosyncratic form of transport: a segway.

Why not stop and visit the enthralling Capitoline Museums? The Capitoline includes such works of art as Bernini and Tintoretti’s exquisite masterpieces, alongside the works of many other eminent world masters. It possesses impressive status amid the most eminent public galleries on the planet.

Explore antiquarian Rome on a Segway, for the most intriguing way to get around possible. A Rome segway tour gives you the freedom to steep yourself in the celebrated attractions of the city in an all-encompassing manner, from formidable Trajan's Column to the enormous Colosseum and deeply striking Circus Maximus.

The Vatican Museum is frequently, as you would consider, the very primary choice of destination for many the Rome visitor. The Vatican Museums are most notable for the incredible Sistine Chapel.

You really must spend some time at the Colossuem on any Rome guided segway tour. The Colosseum, at its pinnacle, was home to nearly 50,000 spectators: an unimaginable number. It is still regarded as one of the most famous of Rome’s architectural marvels, in conjunction with the forum and the magnificent Circus Maximus. The Pantheon is also awe-inspiring. Built in 125 AD as a temple to the Roman gods, it is an extremely noteworthy landmark.

What is it about the segway that makes it so much better than other forms of transport? The segway comes with an extensive number of environmental benefits over other varieties of travel. A segway runs entirely on electricity, and thus clearly imparts an outstanding ecological substitute to buses. Zero-emissions are given off in the duration of a segway trip. Therefore, for a truly captivating and environmentally advantageous sightseeing experience, the perfect decision is certainly a Rome segway tour.

Rome sightseeing tours are extraordinarily abundant: there are vast amounts of such tours just waiting to be discovered by the visitor. Why not go on a segway tour of Rome? This remarkable and singular method of transport will not fail to enthrall: a Rome tour by segway makes for an extremely fresh mode of viewing the sights.