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Debugging of Web Apps Made More Productive With the New Zend Studio 9.0

The web development services available in the market will now serve the web app debugging needs better than before with the launch of Zend Studio 9.0. This is the new version of Zend Studio which has lately been launched by Zend Technologies. As per Brainwork experts, this version is assured to be much faster and leaner than its last update.


New Delhi, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/05/2011 -- The research for better web app debugging tools has now come to a rest with the launch of new version of Zend Studio technologies in the form of Zend Studio 9.0. This technology has been launched as a significant update to the web development industry’s integrated development environment i.e. IDE. It can be used by the web application developers using PHP development, which is already a proven powerful language. As per the development head of Brainwork Technologies, with this powerful technique developers can also define the deployment packages that are used in Zend server and some other popular PHP web application servers. This helps to ensure that the web app codes are deployed flawlessly and consistently.

Zend Studio 9.0 has also brought along GitHub support, sharp integration with Amazon web services and better productivity in the debugging and development of next generation services in web application. This productivity benefits are available not only in on-premise environments but also in in-cloud. With this new version, the web developers can now easily configure the Zend technology to suit individual needs.

9.0 also offer a much stronger end-to-end development workflow as it is quicker and easier to set-up as well as streamline the lifecycle of a web application to obtain a highly functional coding. According to development experts at Brainwork, its GitHub support helps the users to form a repository to share, branch and even completely clone any particular code, which naturally makes the web development process of any web development company much efficient than before.

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