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RAH Industries Depends on MIE Solutions ERP Shop Management Software

MIE Solutions Inventory Software and Manufacturing Software Found Able to Accommodate the Needs and Requirements of one of the Industry Leaders, RAH Industries.


Garden Grove, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/08/2011 -- We all have distinct needs, some which are more difficult to tend to than others. The former category seems to catch the attention of everyone when they are looking for a product or service, regardless of the type, because only truly great products and vendors manage to take care of the subtleties and the details. Especially when talking about an ERP software or enterprise resource planning software designed especially for sheet metal manufacturing companies, things become increasingly important, as this particular field of interest is one of the most complex ones in the modern economic systems. Nonetheless, countless clients and their prolific businesses have proved that no need is too abstract or too difficult to meet for MIE Solutions, the company which streamlines the activity of any sheet metal company employing its services.

MIE Solutions has specialized in providing high quality services and products to its clients with the aim of helping them maximize their production rate together with the quality and the profits drawn from their endeavors while minimizing the resources needed for the product manufacturing stage and also the time it takes to manage the various departments and the numerous employees, each with their own individual requirements and expectations. Various clients from the aforementioned industry have found especially the MIE Trak offering to be of immense help, especially when corroborated with the 24/7 availability of the MIE Solutions support team online or on the phone, so as to minimize the importance of the distance between the provider and the user. Other popular client choices are the MIE Maintenance, MIE Exchange, MIE Quotelt!, MIE Dashboard and the list can go on. At least one of the offerings made available by MIE Solutions is sure to satisfy your exact needs and prove to be exactly the inventory software you are looking for. This exact scenario characterizes the story of the wonderful and fruitful collaboration between MIE Solutions and RAH Industries, a prominent figure in the sheet metal field which was in need of a reliable sheet metal software, job shop software and manufacturing software.

RAH Industries is known by thousands of individuals due to its numerous capabilities which have proven to be of great help for the customers requesting them, along the lines of CNC machining & precision Sheet Metal fabrication, precision tube bending and certified welding / brazing or planning and programming. Perhaps the most important aspect which has helped the consolidation of the relationship between MIE Solutions and RAH Industries through the manufacturing ERP Software or job shop ERP software is the round the clock availability of the MIE Solutions team to answer the questions of the client, to address any problem or difficulty encountered and even adjust the MIE Trak product to correspond to the specific lines of RAH Industries’ activity. One of the most memorable and amazing proofs of dedication is the fact that inquiries and calls for help were answered remotely even after working hours and when travelling, sometimes even by the owner himself. Moreover, RAH Industries is delighted with MIE Trak’s capability of growing with the company and with the constant improvements and new additions which are announced periodically.

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