Own a Citizen Chrono Watch, the Mark of Perfection


Bronx, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/13/2011 -- Are you ready for the magic? The genie has come out of the bottle to bring forth a precious timepiece to completely astonish the buyer with its look, creativity and the feel that only a Citizen watch can lend! Citizen Chrono-Time AT is the watch that every buyer would like to buy as it has wonderful features that makes it unique. Citizen Watches do more than just make one feel good, they wipe out that frown from one’s face, make him experience the enthusiasm, the excitement of possessing something worth the price and even more than it.

Presenting four models this season, Citizen has fashioned these watches including limited version of rose gold model. The basic features are solar power with 240-day power reserve, atomic time synchronization across four regions of USA, Europe, China, Japan, Sapphire glass, watch is rose gold, plated with a leather band, and two-part folding clasp, watch has hour, minute, second hands, chronographic minute and second hands, second time zone . has 24 hour sub dial, indicator for date and time zone, Alarm, Perpetual calendar, circular slide rule in the bezel, weight: 97g including strap, diameter is 36mm, thickness is 13mmand with water resistance up to 200m, with a 5 year warranty.

Known for selling multiple brand watches, Favwatch.com is US based retailer, that has a collection of beautifully designed matchless timepieces, every watch enthusiastic would fall in love with! Citizen watches are preferred over other brands because they are 100 per cent genuine and come with seller’s warranty. Citizen watches speak the language of time and are truly majestic. The watch wearer is certainly impressed with his Citizen watch that has a beautiful dial, colour and other features. One can’t help being captivated by the watches’ subtle appeal. If you love somebody show it with a Citizen watch! Whether one works during the day or spends time at night at his office, Citizen Watches mean a lot to him.

Whether one is partying in Ibitza, or enjoying the luxury of a yacht, or is out there in a big shopping mall, Citizen watch keeps ticking, making him conscious of the importance of time. It’s said ‘the time well spent is worth money well made’, and with a Citizen on your wrist, one can be sure of this. If one is globe-trotting, he would definitely need a watch piece to know the exact time at the place he is stationed at.

Citizen Watches came into this world in the year 1924, and ever since that time, Citizen Watches never failed to bait a customer. Shokosha watches Research Institute presented the very first Citizen watch to the buyers of all ages, which was a pocket timepiece. Mr Shimpei Goto, the Mayor of Tokyo, Japan, named Citizen Watches that have re-fashioned many-a-lives and helped Citizen Watches become as popular as the Beatles, were at one time! Citizen watches have long story to tell and many lives to live in the form of timepieces that never stop amazing you with their accuracy.

FavWatch.com has created its own niche in the world of watches with a great variety of watches to begin with. Citizen Watches are made for buyers like you ‘n’ me that never fail to update us about the latest timing. Watches are meant for scheduling one’s time and it is great if one is on time at any and every place. Like the magic wand of discipline that changes one’s life, Citizen watches give us the surety that whatever the time is, it is the right time and that nothing wrong can happen if one is punctual and does what he means. No Tuesday, no Saturday, no Monday goes unarranged and not well-organised with Citizen Watches on one’s wrist! Wear Citizen watches; meet the king of good times!