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Hiring iPhone App Builder from IAD Is the Best Option for iPhone Development

Companies Across the Globe Prefer to Hire iPhone Developers From IAD


Sunnyvale, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/04/2012 -- With the launch of iOS 4 and iOS 5 in tandem with iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, iPhone has cemented its place as one of the best smartphone companies. Over 18 billion apps (including 2 billion paid apps) have been downloaded from the Apple Store. A number of companies are eyeing app development as a means to strengthen their brand or earn more revenue. At such a time, the timely and quality development services offered by IAD have captured the attention of small and large businesses across the world.

IAD is a guild of talented and experienced iPhone application programmers. The company builds innovative apps for a wide range of categories, including apps for entertainment, media, news, communication, weather, heath, lifestyle, games, business, and productivity. Having worked with previous versions of iPhone SDK and iOS, the company is perfectly poised to create smart iPhone apps using emerging iPhone technologies. IAD developers have built a reputation for quality app development, and their collective efforts are finally bearing fruit.

Companies from different parts of the world are trusting IAD with their iPhone development projects. IAD offers several flexible hiring options that make it profitable for all companies to opt for its ‘hire iPhone developer’ option. Companies with extensive requirements can hire iPhone app builders on a full-time basis. This approach helps them to save money as they pay only for days on which work is done: they do not need to pay any money for non-working days.

Businesses with relatively smaller requirements can get iPhone app developers for hire on a part-time basis. Firms or individuals with even smaller and straightforward iPhone app development needs can hire an iPhone developer on an hourly basis: this arrangement makes it ideal for client’s with small projects to hire iPhone app builders on a freelance basis.

IAD has emerged as the preferred choice because they assure quick project start, timely completion of the project, complete confidentiality, 24/7 communication, and high ROI. Today, companies and individuals from locations as varied as the Middle East and the US get iPhone app developers for hire from IAD to fulfill their iPhone application development needs.

IAD is a guild of passionate iPhone app developers who love to build innovative iPhone apps. We offer custom iPhone app development services and we invite you to avail our ‘hire iPhone app developer’ options to get quality and hassle-free app development at economical rates.