Brosix Version 3.2 Welcome Screen Highlights New Features

An overview of the new version of Brosix Instant Messenger is easy to find with the latest Welcome Screen.


Plovdiv, Bulgaria -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/11/2012 -- The newest version of Brosix Instant Messenger, version 3.2, has a plethora of new features that many new and returning users of Brosix may not be aware of. Fortunately, the new welcome screen can help explain Brosix’s new and current features while also offering options to enhance performance.

For instance, when a user starts Brosix 3.2 for the first time, a welcome screen will appear with options for testing microphone, headphones, loudspeakers and web cam. Additionally, a wizard is included for assistance with checking devices.

“The main idea of the ‘Welcome screen’ is to make new users get familiar with Brosix,” Stefan Chekanov, Owner of Brosix, said. “When a new user downloads and starts Brosix, he/she does not know all the features it has, does not know what he can do with the application. The Welcome screen should allow the new users set up their Brosix easier and make them start using it.” Because of this, the Welcome Screen can help users learn to use Brosix on their own instead of advanced training from the company’s IT team.

The Welcome Screen is just one of the features of Brosix version 3.2. To learn more about the latest version of Brosix Instant Messenger, go to or feel free to contact the Brosix development team.

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