RTBot Provides Real-Time Information

RTBot is a real-time information service which gives you information from across the web


Fremont, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/16/2012 -- Since the dawn of the internet, it has majorly been labelled as a hub of information related to anything and everything that anyone would want to know about. Hence, searching on the web is the most popular use of it. With everything from high school and college projects to research by a company employee relying heavily on secondary data, any technology that can save time and energy while still keeping the productivity just as good, will be a blessing.

RTBot(Real Time Bot) is an upcoming Real Time Information website that uses breakthrough technology to completely revolutionize day-to-day search as we know it today. It is run by a team of hard working and highly skilled professionals who with the help of latest technologies strive to create products that can make our lives simpler. The website publishes reference pages available across the web about specific topics you are interested in, gathering information from Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, Blogs, Youtube, and additional online resources and categorizes them by media type or data source, all in a matter seconds. Things couldn’t get easier as every information you might need about a person, company, place etc, are available at one place and switching through the filters is just like switching tabs on your internet browser.

When asked how RTBot is different from the other existing websites that are somewhat similar, a representative of the company said, “Our team is in a constant learning process, working hard in trying to enhance our skills and knowledge to learn about any new technology and implement it on the website so that the users can get the best out of it. With so much going on in the website, we try and keep it as simple as possible so that anyone with even basic knowledge of surfing the web can use it effectively.”

He continued, “Our database is huge and is refreshed literally every minute, hence ensuring that even the latest pages are available to the users. We try to empathize with the users trying to give them what they want rather than meaninglessly adding things that might complicate our website. Our users are very important to us and we take every feedback we get very seriously since the website is still in its youth, and any major changes, if need be, can be done now.”

It has to be made clear that it is not a search engine and RTBot provides content only for specific topics such as concepts, subjects, personalities, events etc., but not for broader, unspecific searches. Yes, it might not yet be as famous as some of the existing websites but if the team can keep working hard and introduce some amazing and innovative ideas, this website can develop into a market leader, something that might change the way we search on the internet.

For more information, call 906-203-9024 or email at info@rtbot.net. You can visit the website at http://www.rtbot.net.