Introducing Improved Audio in Brosix Version 3.2

Enhanced audio quality in the latest version of Brosix improved the video chat experience.


New York City, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/18/2012 -- The Brosix programming developers and executive staff are pleased to announce improved Audio Quality for the video chat feature of Brosix Instant Messenger for work and personal use. The enhanced audio feature will be made available for both versions of Brosix, Personal and Enterprise.

“We wanted to make sure that our users were having the best experience possible with Brosix’s video chat feature. Therefore, the improved echo cancellation functionality reduces surrounding sounds and echo,” Stefan Chekanov, owner of Brosix, said. “This feature dramatically improves audio quality and should provide a better listening and conferencing experience for our users.”

Some individuals may be hesitant to use web conferencing or video chat because they are worried about static background noise or bad sound that doesn’t usually happen with telephone calls. However, the Brosix 3.2 Video Chat feature with improved audio should put these fears to rest. With used with a proper internet connection speed, the video chats using Brosix should be smooth, clear, and easy to use. Using video chat more regularly can save company funds by cutting down on travel and other communication medium expenses.

The Improved Audio is just one of the features of Brosix version 3.2. To learn more about the latest version of Brosix Instant Messenger, go to or feel free to contact the Brosix development team.

About Brosix
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