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20% Increase in Transactions Might Breathe Life Into Dubai Real Estate

According to a news report, Dubai real estate has recorded an increase in the ratio of its transactions during 2011.


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/19/2012 -- Sources at Bayut have revealed that the Dubai real estate market witnessed a massive improvement in its transaction ratio. 2011, which began really nicely after the completion and launch of various high profiled projects in the Dubai realty market, ended with a pleasant twenty percent rise in overall transactions. Even though this increase may have fallen short of what were the expectations of the local realtors but according to the experts at Bayut, twenty percent increase in the market activity may just breathe life into Dubai real estate.

During the last year, the performance of various properties such as apartments, villas and houses in Dubai was less than satisfactory. For three years in a row, prices of properties for sale and rent have continued to suffer a decline. 2011 however, was a year which was a much better year for the various properties in Dubai. The sources at Bayut revealed that a twenty percent increase might just have breathed new life into Dubai real estate.

Many experts believe that this increase is credited to many of the steps taken by government. Dubai government has palpably been committed to bring the local realty market back on its feet and thus in this regards, it has taken a number of efforts which have been much appreciated by all the parties involved. It is because of these steps that Dubai real estate has regained its trust and investors are ready to plunge into the market.

Bayut reckons that a full recovery may seem a far fetched idea at this point for Dubai real estate but by the efforts put in by the government, one can say that the recovery of Dubai’s realty is not a question of if but rather when.

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