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Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/19/2012 -- In terms of economic profit the average range of ROI increases with the scale of the renewable energy project. With capacity above 1,000kW or a 1MW, returns are usually above 10% to 15%. At the smaller scale due to the construction costs and the reduction in efficiency of the resource harvesting, ROIs are typically 2% to 8%.

As a result of the uncertainty and technical risk of many renewable technologies, maintenance costs are high, especially for large-scale projects. Nascent stage Wave energy is estimated to have a maintenance cost of GBP207,605 per MW. In comparison off-shore wind has a maintenance cost of GBP70,000 per MW.

Regarding costs, there is still much debate as to who should pay for the reinforcement costs to the grid of renewable energy. A country such as Denmark, for example, makes TSOs and DSOs cover the costs of reinforcement. In many other markets, the main issue is that there individual countries lack a coherent master-plan for grid reinforcement.

Your key questions answered

- What are key opportunities for renewable energy development?
- What is the legislative environment for renewable energy development?
- What are the key yields for renewable energy and how are they determined?
- What are the major obstacles to be overcome for greater rates of renewable energy development?
- What technology areas offer the most promise for renewable energy?

Features and benefits
- Identify the leading technologies in the renewable energy sector.
- Analyze ROIs for the leading technologies in the renewable energy sector.
- Analyze the core legislation impacting the sector.
- Help to identify the main opportunities and barriers to renewable energy development.
- Identify the different yields – economic, social, environmental – for renewable energy.

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