Isaac Anderson

Going Green Benefits Overland Park Auto Detailing Company


Kansas City, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/24/2012 -- The Overland Park auto detailing company, KC Detailing, is proud to announce their exclusive use of microfiber in all their auto detailing services. If you’re not keeping up with the Joneses in auto detailing technology, you’re going to want to start. Recent advances have opened the doors to new benefits for detailers around the country, and KC Detailing is up for the pioneering challenge.

In recent years the company has experimented with a wide array of auto detailing products in the Overland Park area. After rigorous field testing on everything from Mercedes to Ferraris the company is convinced that microfiber provides the safest and highest quality performance among all auto detailing cloths available to date.

For green revolution gurus, KC Detailing’s move is a step in the right direction. Since microfiber absorbs oil and dirt better than conventional cloths, far less chemicals are used when auto detailing. That’s a big bonus for the health of the environment and employees, something Overland Park residents are excited about. For those embracing the green revolution, this is the future.

The use of fewer, and often no, chemicals when auto detailing is the direction the Overland Park company wants to see all auto detailing groups headed - not just in Overland Park, but the globe. “We want to take care of our employees and the environment. It’s important to us, so we want to be at the front lines. So far, we’ve been able to pull it off and still remain profitable. It’s well worth it,” comments Dodd.

The fully mobile auto detailing company noticed immediate benefits beyond typical green revolution statistics. They discovered embracing the green revolution could actually bring more instant profitability to the auto detailing world. More thorough and efficient dirt removal processes decreased the time for each auto detail project. Drying was slashed nearly in half. Less chemicals meant less expenses. The result was a more gentle yet rigorous clean in less time. In KC Detailing’s opinion, the transition was well worth it. The company hopes to set a trend for all auto detailing companies in the Overland Park region to come.

“Some auto detailing companies only use microfiber on the car’s exterior to avoid paint scratches,” comments owner Tim Dodd, “but we use it on every surface. It’s more expensive on the front end, but it’s worth it for more reasons than one. Beyond going green and time efficiency, we’ve also seen a lot of unnecessary damage caused to cars by using outdated products and cloths here in Overland Park. We don’t want to make the same mistakes. That’s why we switched to microfiber for every surface: all paint, all interior surfaces, windows and even rims. We always aim to provide the most gentle, but rigorous, auto detail possible.” To keep up with KC Detailing’s enviro-friendly products and services visit