Brosix Version 3.2 Allows Managers to View Employee Desk Time

The Brosix Administrative Panel allows managers to view employees’ time spent at their desks.


Plovdiv, Bulgaria -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/24/2012 -- For many companies, the ability to see when employees are at their desks or not can help gauge productivity and manage lunch breaks can be extremely useful. However, many supervisors don’t want to be walking by all employees’ desks to monitor their activity. Fortunately, Brosix offers a “Manage Away Time” feature, which allows supervisors to manage the amount of time users are at their desks.

The “Away Message” feature is set to default to an away message when employees have not used Brosix for a certain period of time. This period of time is the parameter that is set by the “Manage Away Time” feature.

“Through the setting of away messages on Brosix Instant Messenger, employees can let other co-workers on their network know if they are at their desk or not,” Stefan Chekanov, Owner of Brosix, said. “The ‘Manage Away Time’ administrative feature allows supervisors with access to the control panel to set the time period of inactivity before the Away Message is activated. This ensures all employees are at their desks when needed through instant messaging or some other communication medium.”

The “Manage Away Time” feature is just one of the features of Brosix version 3.2. To learn more about the latest version of Brosix Instant Messenger, go to or feel free to contact the Brosix development team.

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