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Man In The Sea Memorial Monument at the Washington DC Navy Yard


Bertram, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/03/2012 -- The project team for the Man In The Sea Memorial Monument that will be installed at the Washington DC Navy yard, home of the original “Hard Hat Diving School” along the Anacostia River is proud to announce that they still have the 22” Bronze replicas of the monument available for purchase. These replicas are not mass produced, and exquisite detail is put into each and every one of these on a one by one basis. These fine collector statues are made here in America by the well known bronze sculptural artist and former Navy Submariner Jim H. Smith. Each replica takes hours to complete the attachments and details on the statue which in our opinion makes it a museum like quality for you to enjoy in your home or office.

Mr. Jeff West, the Military Diving Director said that “These replicas show in scale every item on the old hard hat rig (Jake) that was used by thousands of military divers, and displays what the actual full scale monument will look like once it is constructed”. Homeland Security Policy Institute Group, Inc. is a IRS approved 501c3 Non-Profit California corporation who has been in existence since 2003 working to help promote information sharing between the private and public sectors and assisting our law enforcement agencies and military veterans across the country in various ways.

In June of 2011 (HSPIG) got the approval from the US Navy to proceed with the fundraising efforts for the project. Mr. Kenneth Dreger, CEO said “This effort has taken thousands of man hours and years of effort by the team and the US Navy commands past and present but finally we made it!” No other monument to all military divers has undertaken the enormous effort to create a fully sanctioned memorial monument in the heart of Washington DC.

This monument will reside at the US Navy yard, home to the Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) where it will stand along the Anacostia River and be open to the public soon after completion from the Anacostia River Walk that is being built in the nearby surroundings to the US Navy base. This will allow thousands of people every year to see this great monument and visit the WNY base as well as provide an area for the US Navy to have special events and greet foreign dignitaries at the monument.

Let us put you down for one of these fine replica statues today, the cost for one statue is approximately $3900 + Shipping and packaging and if you would like a solid 360 degree rotating mount just add in $200 for the granite base.

If you would like to donate to HSPIG, please visit our web site at, we accept PayPal donations, checks, and various other items you may wish to donate to us so we can raise funds for the projects. We know these economic times are challenging for all of us, our donations are down and we need your help to achieve the goal of creating this monument. Your donations are tax deductible also.

Please help us in this funding effort, we need to raise $500,000 by this June to make our goals and get the statue commissioned and the architectural plans finalized with the US Navy and our architects HDR.

Please visit our web site to get more information on this great project at