Canadian International School

International Schools Changing Face of Education


Bangalore, Karnataka -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/14/2012 -- Quality of education has never been more important than it is now. People have started to realize the role education plays’ in the success of any individual. Is pressurizing a student to memorize and remember facts which may never help him/her further in their lives or conducting exams which test his/her memory and speed the best way to educate a child? This is a million dollar question. International schools in recent years have changed the way people think of education.

The complete development of the child which includes his physical, social, intellectual, emotional, and creative side is absolutely required to compete among the best in the world. International schools have made it their motto to help their students acquire life skills. They adopt curricula and programs which are among the best in the world and thus making it possible for their students to stand on par with international benchmarks and their contemporaries all over.

With the globally accepted syllabus, the schools also conduct various activities which are devised to improve the analytical skills, help children recognize their talents, and promote practical learning. The multicultural crowd also promotes tolerance and community harmony. The schools test the students on their understanding of various subjects and on the skills acquired in that academic year. The programs adopted help students tune their minds and bodies with required skills to survive in the competitive world.

Various co-curricular activities like sports, arts and competition prepare them in facing various challenges. Community service which has become mandatory in these schools also develops in students the mentality to contribute passively to their community. On the whole international schools today are focusing on providing education which not only improves the intellectual side of the child but also on the overall development which makes the children better citizens and human beings. Canadian International School in Bangalore is one such school which believes in nurturing students through their formative years and thus makes it possible for them to acquire skills required to compete globally.