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A Free Recruitment Service That Gets You Your Dream Virtual Employee's free recruitment service is great not just for getting that perfect virtual employee but also because it gives every client that sense of control over the hiring process.


Wilmington, DE -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/16/2012 -- Having a virtual employee work for you can enhance the entire outsourcing process like no other. Aside from the cost-savings aspect, a virtual employee can be a huge asset in other ways as well in terms of contributing to your company's talent pool and bringing in a fresh perspective on work and related business functions.

The question is: how do you go about discovering this virtual employee? Do you advertise or do you search through the staggering number of outsourcing companies that a simple Internet search throws up? What if you were told that there is an outsourcing vendor whose free recruitment service can help you get your dream employee? That's correct., one of the leading outsourcing vendors in India, has one of the most unique recruitment services in the industry and one that has the client (you) at the core of all its philosophy. helps you find efficient employees that make great hires, and take your business to the next level, that too at no cost at all till you finally decide to hire.

In addition, this vendor's strategic location makes it easy for it to access a vast database of highly qualified and experienced professionals in virtually every field and domain one can think of, from software development to architecture, website designing, accounts, law and writing.

This is how you go from searching to hiring an efficient virtual employee in six easy steps – in which you are in control all along and make the final decision on who gets to work for you.

1.You submit a detailed job description of the vacancy you are seeking to fill to the outsourcing service provider. This description must contain the profile of your would-be employee, right from the educational qualification, job experience, domain expertise and so on. This makes it easier for the vendor's HR executives to narrow down their search and pick the most suitable resumes for you.

2.After receiving your detailed job description of the desired candidate, the recruitment team swings into action, posting this resume on various job portals, scanning through candidate listings on various sites and going through their own database of hundreds of professionals.

3.Within a short time, the HR executives start receiving candidate resumes and also pick out likely ones from existing listings. This is where the first screening process takes place when the HR team scans the resumes, carefully short-listing only those that closely match your job requirements. This batch of resumes is then sent to you.

4.On receiving the candidate resumes from the vendor's HR team, you screen them once again according to your particular requirements, judging whether they would fit in with the job you have in mind. Finally, you short-list the most suitable resumes and sent the list to the HR executives.

5.The vendor's HR executives call up the candidates that have been short-listed by you and fix and appointment for the first round of interviews, conducted in the vendor's office. Only the HR executive conducts this face-to-face interview, trying to elicit as much information from the candidate as possible, gauging their experience level and deciding whether or not they will be suitable. At this stage, senior level in-house employees, working in the same domain as the client, are also called in to give their assessment of the candidate.

6.Once all the candidates have been interviewed, clients seeking technical vacancies may then request that their candidates also be asked to attempt some tests to further give an indication of their skills and knowledge.

7.It is at this stage that the client actively enters the hiring process. The HR team arranges for client-candidate interviews of those candidates that have performed well in the interviews and technical rounds. Interviews take place either over telephone, Skype webcam or across a large life-size screen through video conferencing.

8.All this is absolutely free and the client does not have to pay anything for all the services that they are receiving.

9.It is only when the client is fully satisfied with their candidate and actually hires them, that they are expected to pay.

10.If, even after the client interview, the client is not satisfied with the candidate, the vendor's HR team sends them more resumes till they are happy with the person they are hiring.

This is a great service not just because it is free but because it allows the client complete visibility and control on the entire recruitment process and lets them choose who would be finally working for them.