Michael Spicer

Seven Seas Worldwide Tight-Lipped over Twitter Account

International shipping company stay silent over the bizarre collection of tweets now filling their timeline.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/21/2012 -- For a number of months, the Twitter account of Seven Seas Worldwide – a global relocation company based in the UK - looked like any other corporate account. They tweeted about price offers, competitions and new services. From time to time they also posted funny pictures and viral videos to keep their followers entertained.

However in the last few weeks, things have taken a peculiar turn. Now the account is littered with odd observations, surreal humour and fictional tales from the Seven Seas Worldwide office. It is clear that the account has changed hands – but who is the mystery tweeter?

Director John Henderson explained the move. “It became apparent that the Twitter account wasn’t doing what we wanted it to do. We realised that Twitter was the more sophisticated social network and as such our account deserved more interesting and humourous tweets to engage with the user.” But Mr. Henderson was unforthcoming on where the new tweets are coming from. “I can’t divulge who the mystery tweeter is. Sufficed to say he’s doing a great job. It’s a far more colourful account now!”

With the increasing popularity of Twitter, more and more companies are turning to humour to engage with the consumer. Seven Seas Worldwide is just the latest in a line of companies hiring writers to jazz up their tweets. And with every Twitter account, the proof of the pudding will be in the following!

Check out the examples below:

@7SeasWorldwide I just spelt my name in the snow and my iPhone Autocorrected it.

@7SeasWorldwide Shipping facts: It wasn't until 1924 that lighthouses were built vertically.

@7SeasWorldwide To answer your questions about our excellent storage service, no we cannot store husbands. Not even for a few hours.

@7SeasWorldwide Other uses for our boxes: A box propped up with a stick makes an ideal trap for catching rats. Not mice though. Mice recognise our logo.

@7SeasWorldwide Just tipped my keyboard upside down and the Higgs Boson dropped out.

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