Brosix Version 3.2 Offers a Directory Transfer Feature

Brosix users can send a complete directory of files on via a Directory Transfer on the new version of Brosix Instant Messenger.


New York City, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/23/2012 -- The Brosix Instant Messenger Directory Transfer is a further development of the File Transfer feature. This feature allows users to send a directory full of files with a single drag-and-drop movement, either from the Brosix menu, or from the Windows Explorer context menu.

“This feature is very similar to the file transfer but the difference is that it allows the users to send a whole folder/directory full with files,” Stefan Chekanov, Owner of Brosix, said. “For example: say a user works on a project and has many different files with texts, charts, images and graphs sorted in one folder. All the user has to do is just simply send the whole directory (files and folders) to a colleague at all once, instead of sending file by file.”

This makes sending over project files and large folder full of images or photos all at once. This can be much quicker than sending files over email or sending files one by one via the File Transfer feature available on Brosix.

The “Directory Transfer” feature is just one of the features of Brosix version 3.2. To learn more about the latest version of Brosix Instant Messenger, go to or feel free to contact the Brosix development team.

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