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Children's Educational Toy Store Adds Crayola Products to Their Line

Introducing Educational Toy Excellence from Creative Play 4 Less!


San Clemente, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/09/2012 -- When folks are searching online for an educational toy for their child, grandchild, niece or nephew, there are many options. Do they go for a "smart toy" that will perhaps increase the child's thinking capacity? Or do they consider a toy that fights the "couch-potato" syndrome? We all know how kids sometime play with a toy once and get bored with it, so maybe the selection process steers toward a toy that has a better "life span". Or maybe they think the child is a "little Picasso" and they look for a toy that plays to the child's creative instincts? Well we have the solution! Why not get a toy that is ALL of the above? That is what is all about: the ultimate toy!

Just before the Holidays last year, CreativePlay4Less took on the Crayola Line of Kids Play Tents and by golly, the Christmas shoppers took notice! We hope to—in our own little way—make kid play a healthy, physical activity once again, and one which draws on both the child's intellect and creativity with this line of toys.

And guess what? There's a bonus to the Play Tent toy, and that's the interaction children experience with group play as they enlist their little friends to play along. And not only does have an amazing selection of play tents from Crayola and other popular brands like Pacific Play Tents, but they stock a wide variety of play tunnels—many of which come as part of the play tent—bed tents and other similar products designed for hours of "kid fun".

There are few guarantees in life, but we can guarantee your child will have hours of healthy fun alone or with friends. Their web site is chock full of parent testimonials telling the story of excitement and satisfaction: "My daughter and granddaughter are elated and so am I!" or "My four year old loves it and so do all of his friends. Thank you for making it very memorable and keeping his imagination going." Or "The last tunnel I ordered was here in just 2 days! It has been a huge hit and is holding up great. Thanks!"

With TV and the internet turning kids into "sedentary screen zombies" it's nice to know there are options! And when you add the concept of group play with an excellent product like the "play parachute" you find that children light up with joy and excitement and parents couldn't be happier because they know their children are getting great exercise for the body and their social skills are getting sharper as they learn to cooperate and play well with other children.

More Than a Typical Toy

Have you ever heard of a toy actually wearing out?? That's what happens time and time again. The high quality notwithstanding, these toys get used so much by the kids they can't help but need replacing! And when that happens, CreativePlay4Less stocks a wide variety of similar toys to choose from to keep the kids always entertained. Other sale items include:

- Slumber Bags
- Kids Furniture like the "Learning Tower"
- Toy Pianos
- Bed Tents

And what's more, these types of physical activity toys have won numerous awards from several organizations such as the "Seal of Excellence" and the "Preferred Choice Award" from Creative Child Magazine, and an award winner from iParenting Media, "Toy Of The Year" award from Family Fun and more. And the reason for these awards is simple: These are GREAT Toys!

Says CreativePlay4Less owner Marv Tiano, "When we opened our store several years ago, we wanted to sell products that made a difference. And by the amazing response we continually get from parents it looks like we've done just that!" Marv goes on: "We sought to sell a line of products that were more than just a routine toy, we wanted to present something special all by itself. One that will help kids and parents alike create memories they will cherish for a lifetime."

With parents continually looking for new ways to stimulate and entertain their children in healthful ways, there are few equals to the "funtastic" products offered by

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