Brass Extrusion Rods India

Brass Extrusion Rods Commences Manufacturing of Copper Alloy Extrusion ,brass Alloy Extrusion etc


Jamnagar, Gujarat -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/14/2012 -- Brass Extrusion Rods India unit launches manufacturing of brass alloys ,parts, pipe tubes, brass wires at their factory located in jamnagar India.

Brass Extrusion Rods is a manufacturer and exporter of brass parts, copper casting components, Brass pipe tubes, extrusion rods to supply international standard products worldwide.

The manufacturing process of developed products perfectly monitored to fulfill standard of quality to achieve customer satisfaction. The work starts with processing row material and ends with on time delivery of equipments to industry.

The testing process of products will be operated with high effective quality testing machines like modernized Spectrometer, Universal Testing Machine, Profile Projector, Hardness Testing Machine, Izod Impact Tester and a wide array of TQM systems.

They have in-house extrusion and drawing facility along with state-of-the-art quality set up helping them to supply to the rigorous customers of USA and Western Europe. Raw materials are melted in our Horizontal Continuous Casting Furnace, which is known as the best technology for brass casting because of its most defect free structure. Periodically, the melted material is sampled and chemically tested through our HILGER Spectromertric Chemical Analysis Device.The output of the continuous casting system is cut to standard lentghs as brass billets.

The brass billets which are cut into standard length, are heated to the extrusion temperature by our Fully Automated Feeded and Exhausted, Multizone Temperature Controlled Billet Heating Furnace. At the out of the furnace, the billet temperatures are re-controlled by digital device and unacceptable billets are returned to the beginning of the process.

Test Equipment and Facilities:
Chemical Laboratory
Universal Testing Machine
Izod Impact Tester
Electrolytic Analyzer
Profile Projector
Hardness Tester
Conductivity Tester
Tensile Testing Machine

Brass Extrusion rods offers brass rods, brass wires, bronze rods, brass casting, brass pipe tubes, brass hollow rods, brass ingots billets,special copper alloys, brass profile sections, brass extrusion profiles, bronze ingots, billets casting etc.

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