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Meet Your Customers Spring Cleaning Needs With Nappy Disposal Systems

Being a Nappy Disposal Supplier you are perfectly positioned to help your customers freshen up their nurseries this spring. Doing your homework now will help them to do their housework when you stock these products.


Northolt, Middlesex, London -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/19/2012 -- It is highly likely that your customer’s favourite topic of conversation has nothing to do with dirty nappies. However, at times they may need to go through more than eight nappy changes a day, and so it unfortunately forms part of their daily role as parents. Some smart options available from your baby products distributor let you relieve the anxiety they feel around these nappy changes however. Working out what their needs are and retailing the right brands for these needs will let you both finish the day smiling.

A Nappy disposal system is the neat way that your customers can conveniently take care of dirty nappies whilst juggling a wriggling baby. Looking at some of the systems on the market will show you, and your customers, which product will help them to best have that elusive hassle-free nappy change.

As a Nappy Disposal Supplier, you should be in a position to advise your customers on the best product for their needs. Knowing your customers best, these are the ones you should have in stock.

You can choose between the Sangenic range from Tommee Tippee, the Angelcare system, or the Munchkin system.

One of the outstanding features of the Sangenic product line-up is that it comes from Tommee Tippee. Your customers will be reassured by this name, being familiar with lovable and practical products from one of their most favoured brands. Tommee Tippee have focused not just on the nice-to-have-products such as their robust and stimulating toys, but have also developed a strong reputation for their range of essentials, such as their Closer to Nature bottles and feeding products. This approach to the fundamentals means that their Sangenic products are equally well-designed and manufactured with quality.

The Angelcare system has quite possibly one of the strongest positions in this segment. Renowned for its Push&Lock system, the Angelcare Nappy Disposal System AC2000 has become a sales success. Mums and other care-givers love the ease with which this system allows them to dispose of nappies. The used nappy simply gets pushed through the clamp system and is automatically sealed in the multi-layer bag. Another key feature then comes into play. ‘Odour-barrier technology’ is then deployed to ensure that any unpleasant odours remain as sealed as the dirty nappies themselves. Such expertise characterises the Angelcare system and as a result is ideal to appeal to a more sophisticated customer base.

Munchkin is the most recent entrant in the British nappy disposal system scene, having cornered the market in its native USA. Given its innovative design it did not have to play catch up for very long. Awarded a Practical Pre-School Silver Award in 2011, it was soon recognised by mums and dads across the country. It also won the Bronze star in the Practical Parenting and Pregnancy Awards 2011/2012, for an Innovative product in the £10-£30 category.

Keeping baby, the nursery, and the home, clean and fresh with any of these line-ups is simple and easy season after season. Your options as a retailer, and those you present to your customers are evergreen.