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Clay Telecom Launches New World Data Card Service

Clay Telecom launches new World Data Card Service


Delhi, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/20/2012 -- The leading Indian travel SIM card and international wireless telecom service provider, Clay Telecom, has just launched a new world data card. In comparison to the country specific data card solutions they already offer, this postpaid data card will work in more than 125 countries, and is set to become the first of its kind in India.

“We have broken new ground by launching this new world data card product and service”, says Clay Executive Director Mr. Gaurav Dhawan, “Since it is the first and the only global data card solution available in India. It will be differentiated from our country specific data card solutions by the fact that it will get coverage in 125 countries without any hassles. Users will have the convenience of simply inserting the card into a computer to enjoy unlimited access to the internet from practically anywhere in the world, without the need for a mobile phone or any other additional devices. And like the other solutions we have on offer, billing for this service is extremely simple – everything will be itemized and can be paid once the travelers’ returns home. We are extremely proud and excited to have been able to introduce this.”

Clay Telecom offers country and continent-specific SIM cards along with global travel SIM card solutions. Their services include an impressive repertoire of features such as free incoming, 24-hour support and itemized billing in Rupees to help customers save money on Forex. Since its inception nearly a decade ago, the company has maintained a steady position at the top.

The company is the number one preferred telecom service in India when it comes to travel SIM card solutions for any destination across the globe. This is arguably because they offer both country-specific and world SIM cards that work in more than 200 countries worldwide, with the added facility of free incoming in more than nations.

For more information on Clay’s new world data card service, please visit http://www.clay.co.in/