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Two New Bouncers from Fisher Price Spring Into Baby Bouncers Wholesale

You can expect your sales volume to leap forwards with these two new products from Fisher Price in the Baby Bouncers Wholesale segment. Unique selling points of each mean they won’t stay on your shelves for long.


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/21/2012 -- There is certainly a wide range of baby bouncers wholesale. With your retail space being a limited resource, it is without doubt a good decision to make sure that you stock the right range of bouncers which form part of a comprehensive yet exciting product range that your customers just can’t resist. Two new baby bouncers from Fisher Price each provide compelling purchase options for your customers, both offering great USP to price point ratios. If you only stock two baby bouncers, make sure these are that duo.

The Fisher Price Soothe and Go is set to be the new leader in practical baby bouncers. However utilitarian it is though, it still performs its job in style. It is the ideal chair for either large or small families, and can even be a lifesaver for single parents too.

This is a ‘Fold and Go’ bouncy chair available from your baby bouncers wholesale distributor. This unique kind of platform means that your customers will love its handy ability to pack flat for ease of storage or utter portability. The ‘magic fold’ adds to its ability to multi-task and give parents and other purchasers a free hand when they are caring for baby.

It is also simply but sturdily constructed. This means that whilst they can be assured that it meets the stringent quality standards of Fisher Price and has non-slip feet, it is also lightweight enough to go anywhere that parent and baby want to go. This may be out of the house into the garden or outdoors, or even further afield, for a babysitter on the move. The colourfully decorated canopy shields baby from the elements with light shade. It also provides effective stimulation and helps them develop their eye focus with large, bright animal character prints.

Keeping baby entertained whilst parents get on with their own leisure are the other features of this chair from your stockist of Wholesale Baby Products. The soft and comfortable seat gently bounces baby according to their weight, and entertains with two colourful toys.

For a different product offering amongst Baby Goods Wholesale, the Fisher price Woodsie Bouncer provides a premium item. The deep and luxurious seat which cocoons the baby in comfort is nevertheless machine washable, appealing to all your customers’ needs for their baby’s comfort, and their practicality. Topping off this chair is the removable toy bar with several toys, two being selectable, as well as a musical mobile. Calming battery-powered vibrations provide additional value for your customers, allowing them to soothe their baby to sleep. A secure three-point restraint harness completes the picture of total care offered by this top-end bouncer.

Suitable from birth, either of these bouncers provides excellent longevity for your customers’ purchase decision. This means that whatever the disposable income level of your customers, one of these two bouncers is bound to be a good buy.

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