Castle House Painting Company of Atlanta

Never Trust Your Biggest Asset to Unqualified Contractors

You should only ever use qualified professionals for your home improvement projects.


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/21/2012 -- A home is the biggest asset that most people will ever purchase. To maintain its value, most people like to decorate it regularly to keep it looking fresh and maintained. Part of this maintainence is painting, however, not everybody is proficient enough to make the job look professional. A bad paint job can actually make a house look unkempt and tacky.

Most people may try to undertake the painting job alone to try and save money, however, the value they could lose on the house due to a bad painting job should make them think again. Hiring the services of a professional painting contractor Atlanta, will not only make the home look fabulous, but could increase its value.

Castle House Painters & Painting Contractors of Atlanta, GA, have over 100 years of combined experience in both the interior and exterior finishes of homes and businesses. Every painter employed by this company has at least 10 years individual experience, are fully licensed, and insured. This company not only offers complete painting services and solutions for both residential and commercial properties, but also can provide a color consulting service as well.

All materials used by Atlanta House Painting Company are of the highest quality and come complete with a lifetime warranty. This ensures customers that not only will they be getting a first class painting job, but it will last for years.

Castle House Painting Company of Atlanta is your complete home improvement specialists. No longer do residents of Atlanta and surrounding areas have to call in multiple contractors to give their home a complete facelift. This company not only paints, but also offer services such as carpeting, pressure washing, drywall and floor refinishing. Customers will never be charged for an estimate, and they will even provide estimates and work on evenings and weekends.

Don't put the value and look of your home or business at risk. Call Castle House Painting of Atlana on (770) 609 9337 for your free estimate, and to discuss your home improvement needs. There is also an abundance of information available on their user friendly website at