Convert Canon XF100 MXF to QuickTime.MOV on Mac With Canon XF100 MXF to QuickTime MOV Converter for Mac


Shenzhen, Guangdong -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/22/2012 -- The Canon XF100 also utilizes MPEG-2 compression with an MXF File Wrapper, that is same with Canon XF300 and XF305. So we also need a MXF to MOV converter to convert MXF files generated by Canon XF100.

While sharing many of the capabilities of Canon XF305 and XF300 Professional Camcorders, the XF100 offers some exciting new features of its own. The Canon XF100 is tailored to fit a wide range of the individual needs. But there is one thing not changed compared with XF305 and XF300, they all generate MXF files. And that is a question, because most of us like watch videos with QuickTime on Mac, but QuickTime doesn't accept MXF format files. So we have to convert Canon XF100 MXF files to QuickTime .MOV format, then we can enjoy our videos shot by Canon XF100 on QuickTime.

While choosing MXF to QuickTime.MOV converter, people may feel confusing because there are so many MXF to MOV converters for Mac. So which is better? The principle of judging a MXF to QuickTime converter good or bad is very simple. Just see the quality of videos which have been converted and the time cost of converting. And here I advise you a very useful MXF to QuickTime Converter for Mac, the professional Mac Canon XF100 MXF to QuickTime .MOV Converter. Compared with other video converter, this Canon XF100 MXF to QuickTime Converter for Mac is more powerful and practical.

This Canon XF100 MXF to QuickTime MOV Converter for Mac is just designed for converting Canon files, so it can convert Canon XF100 MXF to QuickTime .MOV in a short time and preserve the original video quality perfectly. And it can also do some edit works, like merge and split, and control setting is available too.

At the same time, this Canon XF100 MXF to QuickTime Converter for Mac can not only convert XF100 files, if you need to convert other MXF files to QuickTime, and the output videos is also very good in quality.

Step by step guide to help you convert Canon XF100 mxf file to QuickTime .mov

Step 1:Add mxf file into Mac Canon XF100 MXF to Mov Converter
Install and run Mac Canon XF100 MXF to Mov Converter, select the mxf files and add them into MXF to Mov Converter for Mac.

Step 2:Set Output format: .mov
Set output format that you need, here choose QuickTime .mov.

Step 3:Start Conversion
Click the "Convert" button to convert mxf file to QuickTime .mov, just a few minutes, you can finish the conversion.