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My Personal Best Health Unveils Option to Use HSA for Advanced Cardio and Heart Screening Technology


Scotts Valley, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/26/2012 -- My Personal Best Health, a Northern California technology leader in delivering affordable technologies to help individuals and clients of their professional health partners achieve their personal best health, today announced that they now offer its cardiovascular and heart screenings to Health Savings Account (HSA) holders.

“HSA’s are a perfect example of giving our customers a choice in their medical care options. By allowing them to choose to use their HSA account for health assessment expands the benefits of HSA’s. This allows us to work more closely with other medical and health care professionals”, said Linda Crouse, one of the founders of My Personal Best Health. “This makes it even more affordable for our clients allowing them to see issues that might be happening inside their body before other technologies can find it”.

My Personal Best Health uses the FDA cleared BPro device to peer into an individual’s cardiovascular health to determine if there is any stiffening of the arteries which can be a risk for heart attack or stroke. “If there is, we can work with the individual or the health care professional to see what can be done about it”, Linda commented.

“Heart and cardiovascular disease is a problem that affects millions of people worldwide each year and is rising. Even more alarming is the rise in women and its effects. With early detection, life style or nutrition changes, they can play a major role in ensuring we live longer healthier lives. We are committed to implementing this technology in health facilities so individuals will have an affordable way for self-evaluation. It only taking a few minutes and you get your results right in the office”, said Linda Crouse of My Personal Best Health.

“Patient empowerment is probably the most philosophically exciting idea to emerge in medicine in recent years. Patients can, and must, be educated to play the primary role in maintaining their own health. I have seen it work and have had the great satisfaction over the past 30 years of helping thousands of individual’s live full and active lives.” -Dr. Joe Prendergast

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My Personal Best Health provides the latest affordable technologies to their clients, health care professionals, businesses, personal trainers, fitness centers and other communities. They are experts in using affordable tools to increase revenue and client retention for professional organizations.

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