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My Personal Best Makes Highest Quality Technology Available to Everyone With Help Three, Get One Free


Scotts Valley, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/06/2012 -- My Personal Best Health, a Northern California technology leader in delivering affordable technologies to help individuals and clients of their professional health partners achieve their personal best health, today announced a Help Three, Get One Free offer to businesses and individual that want to help others find their personal best health.

Because of the challenges in the economy and more people looking to get involved in their own health, My Personal Best Health launched the “Health Team Building” campaign to provide special offers to make it more affordable and easy to get the best affordable health technologies.

“Everyone worries about their health but most of us only visit the doctor once we start to show symptoms. My Personal Best Health offers genetic assessments, a new exciting technology, in preventative healthcare allowing you to take control of your own health by identifying any problems before symptoms arise.”, said Linda Crouse, one of the founders of My Personal Best Health. “This makes it even more affordable for our clients allowing them to see issues that might be happening inside their body before other technologies can find it”.

My Personal Best Health uses DNA assessments to peek into your genetic window. Genes that interfere with healthy aging are identified, and a customized nutritional supplement provided with the most effective nutrients to counteract those genes. Depending on the person's genetics, these nutrients are used to optimize and support: heart health, bone health, ability to detoxify, oxidation, stress, lung & breast tissue health, immune health, eye health, joint health, skin health, brain and cognitive health.

“This exciting campaign will allow us to get this technology into more individual’s hands. The cost to create a natural and organic customized product is expensive. But when you add the cost of marketing it might get out of reach for some people”, said Linda Crouse. “We want this to be available to everyone and one of the best ways is to help remove the high marketing costs. When someone refers three people to use the product, they will only have to pay shipping and handling. Now that is not only affordable but doable.”

My Personal Best Health is also trying to make it easier by registering Businesses and Team that want to do help individuals as a team. “When a team is approved, they can then market the opportunity to their entire network allowing the team to create a linear line of customers one after another so that any person on the team only has to get two additional people referred to the product to this highest quality supplement we can find at next to no cost”, said Linda.

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My Personal Best Health provides the latest affordable technologies their clients, health care professionals, businesses, personal trainers, fitness centers and other communities so affordable services are available to their clients. They are experts in using affordable tools to increase revenue and client retention for professional organizations.

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