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A Rare Turn-Around Success Story Founding Member Of Artistcrush Gives Hope To Those With Not So Sun Shiny Pasts


Las-Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2012 -- New company, Artist Crush is an all inclusive artist branding company focusing its efforts on packaging aspiring artists to get them label ready. Artist Crush founding member Henry L. Tatum Jr. has come a long way on his journey to starting this company. Almost half his adult life Henry, also known as Cryptoknyght Campaign, spent doing time in various state and federal jails for a number of different offenses. There may have been a time he even doubted his ability to turn things around. But as it proves having faith in his abilities and himself he’s been able to do just that. With the support of people around him he was able to help start Artist Crush and look forward to a life with no bars but legitimate dollar signs.

Cryptoknyght Campaign has been working with artists and has had a passion for music for many years. He saw an opportunity to provide a platform for aspiring passionate artists to be packaged up and ready for the labels. He also saw it as a bargaining tool for the individual to have a better chance when breaking into the industry without being outwitted by the contracts that are so often blinding with all the standard bling. The company offers more than just a website, logo, and distribution…it connects artists to entertainment lawyers, publicists, and every other safe guard an up and coming artist may need. Cryptoknyght Campaign really looks to make sure artists that come to his company are protected.

Cryptoknyght Campaign is an example for every young person who has traveled down the wrong path to follow on his journey to success despite their background. He believes most important is to not give up on yourself. Artist Crush, is more than a example, he believes it will become the standard.

As they like to say… PREPARE TO GET CRUSHED!!!

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