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IAD Figures out Growth in iPhone Apps Development Along With Siri's Growing Popularity

iPhone Apps Development at IAD likely to grow with Siri's Popularity


Sunnyvale, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/04/2012 -- After the advent of iPhone 4S in the market, many offshore iPhone development companies speculate a considerable growth in the app development sector. iPhone Application Developers reflects the same conclusion on this point but, it holds Siri responsible for this increase in demand for applications. This offshore iPhone development company considers users inclination towards Siri to be a crucial factor in this growth.

Siri, the voice-activated personal assistant software, has been one of the key selling factors of iPhone 4S. With such an active feature in the latest smartphone, users would surely look forward for custom applications that would utilize Siri’s voice-activation. Before coming to this conclusion, the company went through various surveys that showed the satisfaction of iPhone 4S users’ with Siri. In a recent study conducted by Parks Associate, it came out that 50% of users were very satisfied with Siri, while the rest of them were ‘satisfied’ with its performance.

However, the developers of the company have a different take on it. According to them, it isn’t only the fascinating voice-activation that pulls up the stats of development of iPhone apps, but also the potential of Siri to provide users with useful information. With such an expert feature at hand, the developers are all set to develop iPhone apps that can bring about significant changes in different verticals.

Although, after the arrival of iPhone 4S, iPhone application development services have received a boost, IAD also says that it would take time before the end users actually come up with such a demand because survey also shows that most people aren’t actually using Siri to its fullest potential. According to a report of Wall Street Journal, 87% of the users say that they make use of Siri once in a month, while a quarter use it to send emails. On the other hand, IAD also believes that it isn’t very far when iPhone apps development would see exponential growth because of Siri.

Meanwhile, IAD's iPhone application development services are available 24X7 at http://www.iphoneapplicationdevelopers.com/inquiry.html for you so that you can get your ideas converted into top notch applications for your iPhone.