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Engaging New Product Lines from Tiny Tatty Teddy Wholesale

A new opportunity to endear your customers with a character that captures their hearts has just arrived. New items from this Tiny Tatty Teddy Distributor will prove irresistible to your walk-ins.


Northolt, Middlesex, London -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/09/2012 -- The special bear that is Tiny Tatty Teddy has captured the heart of consumers the world over since creation in 1987 and its launch in 1995 as a novelty brand. Capturing the lucrative essence of this are new products from Obaby through Tiny Tatty Teddy Wholesale.

With trademark light grey fur, white snouts, blue noses, and coal black button eyes, these elements combine into an irresistible reflection of a parents love for their newborn child. Not only are they known for bringing joy into a receivers heart therefore, but also for the special value attached by the giver to such a present. Otherwise known as Me to You Bears, the character now appears on new Obaby products, available from your Tiny Tatty Teddy Distributor, and guarantee to emphasise the meaning with which such a gift is intended.

Previously, the Tiny Tatty Teddy was found on products as varied as Teddy Bears, jigsaws, key rings, socks, watches, wedding items, stationery, school accessories and graduation gifts.

This new range of Baby Goods Wholesale therefore provides the perfect opportunity for you to expand your product range, and your client base. Appealing to well-intentioned colleagues, family, friends, and community members as well as just parents, this is a great extension to the line-up in your baby retail outlet.

Ideal as gift register entries, you can position the larger ticket items as perfect for a group of work peers or neighbours to purchase. Other products are the model for nursery decoration to create a loving nest for the newborn. When your customers want to get creative about sharing their love of Tiny Tatty Teddy Bear and the intended gift recipient, there are certainly plenty of options.

Thus one of the greatest characteristics about Tiny Tatty Teddy is the variety of uses in which the lovable bears can be placed. The range extension therefore of this character means that you will now find nursery furniture, changing bags, strollers and accessories, high chairs, and car seats adorned with the enticing theme. Another fabulous feature is that this line of products is manufactured by Obaby, so you can be assured that you are selling your customers goods of the highest quality and relevance for todays parenting needs.

Creatively packaged, these nursery goods are guaranteed not to remain on your shelves for very long, whilst introducing a new set of customers to your retailer.

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