Mr Andrzej Balys

Capture and Supervise Using Motion Detector

Video surveillance application with recording, monitoring and face detection


Glasgow, Scotland -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/20/2012 -- The program has been created as general software for security hybrid platforms working simultaneously with wireless and wired Internet webcams, Television-cards, capture cards, power-line, and USB cameras.

The software does `repeated` recording that the `disk full` situation never occurs.

The recording can be constant or it can be triggered by activity, human face recognition, or by timetable.

Software`s modular structure extensively boosts reliability because all components work as autonomous applications.

If one part freezes, other parts go on running.

For instance if the `capture` unit fails,`watchdog` starts again it right away that viewers don`t notice anything because they are watching picture using a `playback` module.

This invention has web interface with the equal appearance and functionality on the local and distant pcs.

Users see MPEG coded picture and have full control of the program through network that surveillance server can be operated without monitor, keyboard, and mouse connected.

The software makes synchronized picture playback for episode examination from many cameras concurrently.

Moreover recorded data can be sought by date, time or by face identified. All recorded files can be secured and password protected.

Smart Digital MPEG4 Controlling Combo software can be obtained for free at the Andy Services site at:

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Established in March 2012, Andy Services designs applications to record and watch with motion sensor

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