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Vivo Imaging Set to Advance Breast Cancer Detection and Progression Monitoring


Toronto, Ontario -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/16/2012 -- VisualSonics Inc. April 2012, One of the things which have hindered the development of effective cancer therapies is the lack of non invasive tumor detection and monitoring facilities. The progression of tumors from the cancerous lesion all through to the stage of metastasis needs to be monitored to determine how the cells are responding to treatment therapies. Vivo Imaging research in breast cancer detection and monitoring of the cancer cells progression is helping professionals in devising accurate methods of screening cancer patients.

This imaging process can detect and monitor the cancer growth without necessarily applying invasive surgical methods. Invasive methods may be damaging to the tissues and may not always be carried out. Early screening and detection of human cancer is very important for a timely diagnosis and good treatment of the disease.

However, the current imaging methods are quite sensitive to offer such diagnosis. Research activities are underway to determine safe non-invasive methods of detection of cancer cells at early stages and eventual monitoring of the cells' response on treatments.

If the capacity for non invasive image detection is developed for breast cancer screening, this can help in assessing the effectiveness of cancer treatment therapies. Some research has shown that human breast cancer cell lines can readily be labeled by fluorescent super-paramagnetic particles such as the sub-micron particles of iron oxide- MPIOs. The MPIO-labeled cancerous cells could be detected several weeks after the labeling implantation procedure had been done.

There are many vivo image tests being carried to try and unearth the most adaptable cancer cells detection applications, which could pave way for the next technology in cancer treatment and management. These modern imaging methods allow professionals to have insight into the living organisms, understanding metabolic process and how diseases changes manifest in the body. The Vivo Imaging methods can be used to screen cancer cells without altering the activity of the cells. Since there are no numerous surgical procedures carried out, they are safer than existing imaging methods.