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British Motocross Sales Are off to a Roaring Start


Chorley, Eccleston -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/23/2012 -- Tough economic times may dampen enthusiasm for some sports, but not British Motocross racing. The shop POA Racing in Eccleston, Lancashire has seen nearly double the activity in sales and inquiries this year through their newly revised website.

Tom Duddle is the owner of POA Racing and a well-known authority on motocross safety gear who has written numerous articles on the topic of safety. He says, "Over recent times, we have found the motocross market to have been very tough and competitive. This has probably not been helped by the economic recession. After some recent investment in our websites online marketing, to increase its profile and presence, this year's start of the motocross season has seen a dramatic increase in sales and enquiries coming from the website."

POA Racing is a leading supplier of Motocross gear, including Fox Motocross Helmets. Heavy sales in safety gear could well be an indicator that more people are actively participating in the Motocross racing sport this year than in previous years. People do not buy safety gear if they only intend to be spectators.

Tom runs the shop with his wife, Lynn, as a family business by and for people who have a passion for the sport. His articles are well known even outside of the Lancashire area, and stress the importance of proper safety gear as well as articles of advice on how to choose a proper kit for the Motocross racing sport. Duddle has also drawn attention from the statements in some of his articles that state safety gear can be stylish while still meeting or exceeding all necessary safety requirements.

Tom Duddle regularly stresses that while the sport can be fun and is well liked among young riders, "Don't sacrifice quality for price". He also advises people to search websites for the best deals on the top quality gear. POA Racing's own website is http://www.poaracing.co.uk

About POA Racing and Tom Duddle
POA Racing is a small motocross shop based in Eccleston, Lancashire that is run by Lynn and Tom Duddle. They carry full lines of all the latest body protection gear for adults and kids as well as exhausts, pistons, tires and other equipment of interest to Motocross enthusiasts.

Tom Duddle is an avid supporter of the Motocross racing sport, and the author of many articles on Motocross safety and equipment. He writes from his personal experience and love of the sport, and his articles may be found in many different locations across the web.

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