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Spring Will Bring a New Form of Civil Unrest According to Financial Analyst and Authority on the Best Penny Stocks to Buy Peter Leeds

Winter slowed many of America`s activist movements, including Occupy Wall Street among others, according to Peter Leeds, author of Invest in Best Penny Stocks, and publisher of the world famous Best Penny Stocks newsletter at Now with the days warming up, and nothing solved from an economic perspective after a year of protests, activists are coming back out onto the streets. Only now, they are more frustrated than ever, and old tactics which haven`t worked will give way to new approaches, some of which may be more violent and desperate than ever.


Raleigh, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/23/2012 -- If one tactic doesn't work, people and organizations are likely to try something new. With activists protesting America`s economic inequalities and financial favoritism, this may include an increase in violence or social unrest that will make last year look tame, according to Peter Leeds, author of Invest in Best Penny Stocks, and publisher of the world famous Best Penny Stocks newsletter. indicated that the popularity and media coverage of the Occupy Wall Street movement has declined dramatically, down over 90% from it`s October 15th peak across all measurement metrics. While increased activist activity this spring may increase, and give a temporary bump to media interest and protester numbers, it remains clear that the Occupy Wall Street movement has seen already it's most popular days.

"If last year's wildly popular protests did not exact any change to our economic system," states Leeds, "the more serious, and now more frustrated protesters will try some new tactics. These will almost certainly involve more violent or serious measures at best, designed to become media relevant again, and garner attention and change where there was little previously."

Leeds mentions that he is neither a proponent or opponent to activist movements, but rather watches them closely to look for the best opportunities in his analysis when looking for the best of the best in penny stocks. When he uncovers what he considers the best of the best penny stocks, very often the company was uncovered due to the beneficial changes created by social shifts. For example, increasing social unrest would increase sales and revenues for crowd control and domestic security penny stocks which he follows.

"The best penny stocks are the ones you get in on very early. The best way to find those penny stocks is to be ahead of the curve. Watch events like the direction of a major activist movement like Occupy Wall Street, and anticipate what impact it will have on companies and society. From that, you will have expectations of which would be the best of the best penny stocks going forward, if events play out as you are expecting."

Leeds and his penny stocks team take no compensation from the penny stocks they review. All analysis is impartial, and their world famous newsletter is dedicate to uncovering the best penny stocks for subscribers.

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