Miracle Water

Quality Water Ionizers in New York

Miracle Water is a company that offers premium quality Tyent alkaline water ionizers and accessories. These are machines that help in the process of making the conventional drinking water a lot healthier. The process called electrolysis, water is polarized with the help of molecular charges. This separates acidic from alkaline water. Alkaline water is healthier since it has healthy substances that can give your body a lot of benefits. It is a natural antioxidant, promotes good oxygen flow and more hydrating compared to conventional water. These benefits are seen by the company which encourages them to share it by delivering their premium product line. All of their products are reasonably priced. It is also certified by regulating bodies such as CE, CB and TUV. This is to ensure that their products have passed all safety, regulatory, environmental and quality standards. Interested clients can make inquiries through their website or service hotlines.


Sleepy Hollow, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/20/2012 -- Miracle Water carries a full line of premium quality Tyent alkaline water ionizers and accessories. These are guaranteed as the best selections in the market. These machines help in the process of making your drinking water a lot healthier.

Water ionizers put tap water into a process called electrolysis. With the presence of molecular charges, the water is polarized and separated between acidic and alkaline categories with charged electrodes. The acidic water is discarded and recycled with regular tap water. The alkaline water is your drinking water that contains a lot of healthy substances and will give you rewarding benefits.

The company has seen the need of sharing the benefits of ionized alkaline water by offering their products. There are a lot of rewarding benefits that you can get from drinking this kind of water. First, it is a natural anti-oxidant because of its negative ORP that rejuvenates the human body. It also contains hydroxyl ions that promote the good flow of oxygen in the body. Ionized water is also very alkaline which is good for your health since it counters the acidity in your system. Finally, this kind of water is more hydrating than the conventional one because its size and shape are transformed during the ionization process.

The company aims to promote these benefits for everyone to experience. Their products will not only filter the conventional tap water but also make it more beneficial to your health. Their variety of products and accessories are all reasonably priced. It is a good investment since you can save a lot of money compared to frequently buying filtered or distilled water.

All of their products have received certifications and approval from regulatory bodies. Among these are the CE, CB and TUV. The CE certification is a mandatory mark for almost all consumer products signifying that it has met consumer safety, health and environmental requirements. The CB certification is issued ensuring that a product has passed international testing for conformity standards. Lastly, the TUV assures consumers that the product has fulfilled all the safety requirements and the production process has been inspected by a TUV impartial organization.

All of their products come with a lifetime guarantee so you can be sure to have the best water ionizer product line in the industry. If you are a consumer who wants to have a healthy drinking water, then their offered products are for you. Inquiries can be made through their website or service hotline. Drink healthier water today and see the rewarding benefits for yourself.