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X-ray Inspection Enforces Brand Values According to a New White Paper from Mettler-toledo

A new white paper from METTLER TOLEDO – X-ray More Than Just Contamination Detection – tackles tricky issues of quality control in food and pharmaceutical manufacturing. It shows how x-ray inspection can detect numerous quality shortfalls that lie hidden within product packaging or deep within the product itself. The white paper explains that x-ray inspection is no longer just a technique for catching contaminants; it's become a wide-ranging tool for defending brand values and keeping customers happy.


Greifensee, Zurich -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/26/2012 -- The white paper, which can be downloaded from, explains how x-ray inspection works and how it can detect anything from missing tablets in a blister pack to misaligned chocolates in a gift box. It can even tell if there's the right amount of jam inside a doughnut.

Manufacturers have been using x-ray technology to remove contaminants such as glass, metal, stone and bone for years, but few realise what a powerful tool x-ray systems are for enforcing quality control and brand values. X-ray inspection eliminates many of the quality failures that lead to customer disappointment.

The white paper devotes a section to each detection technique. It covers tasks such as:
- Measuring product length, width, area, and volume
- Identifying missing or broken products
- Monitoring fill level
- Measuring mass
- Inspecting for compromised seals

In every case, x-ray inspection sees faults that the human eye cannot detect-and definitely not at line speeds of around 600 items a minute.

X-ray inspection systems can run several quality control functions simultaneously. In a single pass, one x-ray inspection unit can detect contaminants, monitor fill levels in every single compartment, check for giveaways, and inspect the packaging for damage. If any one aspect fails to meet the manufacturer's standards, the system rejects the product from the line.

The white paper explains how x-ray inspection catches product integrity faults before the products leave the factory. This means that for consumers – and for manufacturers – there are no shocks or surprises in a product that's been through x-ray inspection.

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