Entensys and Softline Present Joint Solution: DeskWork+UserGateMailServer

Entensys and Softline are glad to announce the release of their joint solution, a combination of a corporate portal and a mail server: DeskWork and UserGateMailServer.


Leipzig, Saxony -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/26/2012 -- Softline and Entensys are now offering their joint solution that combines a corporate portal and a mail server: DeskWork and UserGateMailServer. The solution provides small and medium sized businesses with a set of programs necessary for successful and productive SMB activities.

This integrated solution launched by Softline and Entensys is essential for small and medium sized companies as it offers a simple and convenient portal interface for collective work, as well as a modern and high-security mail server. Any company worker can now view all their incoming e-mails, including unread messages, without having to start Outlook or any other e-mail program. The solution has the options of an address book and a special reply form and allows writing a reply message without any additional passwords. The transition from the portal to the e-mail service is "invisible," which means that a user perceives these features as one and the same information system.

"Solutions allowing collective work are very popular because of the convenience they offer and the advantages associated with the use of Internet portals," says Dmitry Kurashev, Entensys CEO. "DeskWork is a leader in its class of solutions. Integration with UserGateMailServer provides corporate portal users with secure e-mail service which perfectly complements the DeskWork options."

The client companies purchasing DeskWork + UserGate will also benefit financially, as the cost of the joint solution is twice as lower as compared to an e-mail server alone. Thus, SMB enterprises can receive the necessary software complex at a price several times lower than the functionally similar products of the international providers.

"Small and medium sized companies have been constantly showing interest towards the portal-mail solution. Entensys has established reputation as a reliable mail server developer offering integrated antivirus and antispam modules, and we find this structured approach very attractive. In addition, the vendor's pricing is one of the best in the market. All of these factors formed a perfect base for our collaboration," says Valentin Kudryavtsev, Director of Department of Softline Software Development, DeskWork.

Integrated DeskWork + UserGate is available for DeskWork 5.1 (integration module included) and UserGateMailServer, version 2.1 and higher.

To receive a consultation on this joint integrated solution and learn more about the Portal+Mail Server offer, please feel free to contact us:
- Telephone: +1 866 503 4824;
- E-mail at: partner@entensys.com.

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