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Solving the Avoidance of Sales People Issue of Website Visitors

By all means people will avoid to pass on their contact details when visiting a website as they don’t want to be bothered by sales people calling or receiving marketing emails.


Haslemere, Surrey -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/27/2012 -- A survey by LEADSExplorer revealed that only a minority of people will provide their real contact details. This is the biggest roadblock for any marketing campaign whatsoever which can only be solved by knowing more about the visitor like company, location, language and interest.

This survey is confirmed by the market average statistic that only 3% of all visitors will provide contact details. Out of which a majority uses free web mail addresses in order to hide their real identity.

As each visitor on a B2B website can be a potential customer, it is required to get as much information about this visitor and the company he is working for :
- Company name
- Website for first hand information
- City and country
- Language
- Actual location on the globe in order to segregate foreign offices

At the same time the interest in products or services should be obtained for the follow-up by cold calling, email marketing or nurturing
- Search terms used (visitor and all visitors from company)
- Pages visited (visitor and all visitors from company)
- Most visited page (visitor and all visitors from company)
- Longest visited page (visitor and all visitors from company)

As also the level of interest :
- Direct hit (access) of the website
- Number of returning visits by person
- Number of visiting employees of the same company
- Duration of visits (visitor and all visitors from company)

All this information allows to :
- Qualify the visiting company as lead
- Contact timely with appropriate message

Once having received all this information it is only a matter of contacting the company with a message matching their interest to generate a new lead who would have been lost without this service.

For more information about this powerful visitor identification information, lead generation and customer intelligence system, please visit: http://www.LEADSExplorer.com

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