Rotacaster Wheel Ltd

Magliner Hand Trucks Available With Rotacaster Conversion Kits


Tighes Hill, NSW -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/29/2012 -- Magliner is a great complement to the Rotacaster multi-directional wheel. Rotacaster has unique conversion kits for Magliner hand trucks that improve ergonomics and productivity.

Rotacaster makes manual movement of loads safer, faster and easier. The ergonomic benefits of a lightweight aluminum hand truck equipped with Rotacaster self-supporting and stair climber conversions is quickly gaining attention of many corporate safety managers. An ergonomic study, available from Rotacaster, documenting significantly reduced muscular effort and lower back flexion is of great interest. The combination of light-weight, easy to use and safe Magliners is proving the best option.

The most important message safety managers are sharing is the concern and need for workplace ergonomic improvements whenever and wherever possible. Especially when workers compensation, lost work days and insurance premiums can be reduced while improving productivity.

According to Peter McKinnon, managing director for Rotacaster, “This innovative design can overcome issues associated with trying to move and handle materials. Also available in an outdoor, all-terrain model, it reduces the effort of manual handling and repetitive movement that can lead to workplace injury. A conversion kit is available for operations that want to retrofit traditional hand trucks.”

The benefits of Rotacaster are also significant including 360 degree movement and rotation, greater load stability, and easier directional control and tracking. Rotacaster allows for greater control on inclines via primary axis tracking as well as precision placement - no offset movement. Users of Rotacaster enjoy minimal space or housing requirements and non-marking polyurethane rollers. Unlike many standard caster wheel products, Rotacaster provides a compact, robust, corrosion-resistant full polymer solution with extraordinary functionality. Each wheel acts independently and is not limited to a four point wheel configuration; allowing for numerous combinations to achieve load sharing and required maneuverability.

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