Berthold Huppertz, Director of Biobank Graz to Speak at Biorepositories Conference June 7-8, 2012, San Diego, CA


Monrovia, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/01/2012 -- Berthold Huppertz, Professor of Cell Biology at Medical University of Graz and Director and CEO at Biobank Graz will give a presentation on “Biobank Graz: Increasing Sample Quality via Automation from Collection to Storage” at GTC’s Biospecimens and Biorepositories Conference (June 7-8, 2012 in San Diego, CA)

Dr. Huppertz contends that once a biological specimen has been retrieved from a donor, the quality of this sample can only get worse. In general, a biobank cannot control for the pre-acquisition variables such as medication or intra-surgical parameters. However, most of the post-acquisition variables are under the control of the biobank, especially control of temperature. Hence, the Biobank Graz is focusing on how to optimize handling of samples in terms of temperature control from liquid handling to storage and retrieval. Through this presentation, Dr. Huppertz will guide through automation steps and actions and will show examples how to keep the quality of samples high. He will discuss post-acquisition variables a biobanks encounter, how to improve collection of blood samples at any time point, how to improve storage logistics of large sample collections, and how to improve temperature stability of frozen samples.

The Biospecimens and Biorepositories Conference is designed to bring leading industry, academic, and government experts from Merck, the College of American Pathologists, NCI/ NIH, OBBR, USCF, Memorial Sloan- Kettering Cancer Center and more to discuss developing trends and innovations in biobanking.

Delegates will receive guidance and updates on regulatory and ethical considerations, including an investigation into international regulations and the ethics of using pediatric biospecimens. We’ll also explore novel strategies and techniques in biospecimen science, such as bioinformatics, and sample standardization and quality control, to increase biospecimen viability. Moreover, attendees will hear directly from scientists and researchers about emerging uses in personalized medicine and disease study.

This conference is also part of the Drug Discovery and Regulatory Summit, which consists of this track and three other tracks:
- Antibody Design and Discovery
- 6th Drug Design and Medicinal Chemistry
- Life Science Legal and Business Strategy

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