OTO Mining, Ltd.

OTO Mining, Ltd. Silver Mining Developments


Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/01/2012 -- For OTO Mining, Ltd., factors behind silver are robust and the rare earth white metal has become a strategic metal in today’s market. It is essential and required in almost modern devices, like in the electronics, solar panels, and even in all the new medical uses, such as biocides.

Reports have shown OTO Mining, Ltd. that silver is now beginning to be used in hospitals for no known bacteria can live in a silver environment. New uses are coming about almost everyday and many essential applications are very useful and needed in our modern world.

With these emerging developments, if we are going to view silver in a long term cycle, it brings silver prices higher and higher. Despite of silver hitting such high prices last April which is up to nearly $50 an ounce, demand for industrial uses still surged up to 17 percent.

Aside from the boost in industrial demand, with people buying silver bars and coins in record numbers, the investment side of silver has also grown exponentially. Because of these aspects, OTO Mining, Ltd. continues to have a strong positive outlook for silver in the near future.