Victoria Verdun

Agency SEO Announces Its Services for Mobile SEO


Bozeman, MT -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/01/2012 -- Agency SEO, a global Internet Marketing company, has introduced new services for Mobile SEO. These new services were announced by the CEO of the company on Monday, April 23rd in a press conference hosted by Agency CEO.

“An increasing number of mobile and handheld device users prompted us to launch our services for mobile website SEO. People are more inclined to use mobile and smart phones to retrieve information from the Internet. In this case, websites have to become smarter and responsive to mobile users and devices in order to fulfill their requirements and become a step ahead in this cut throat competition. That’s why we launched our services for mobile SEO,” said the representative of Agency SEO.

Internet enabled mobile devices are the demand of the era and most companies provide advance applications with their phones. This leads to introduce a new trend in web, “responsive websites”, which can support desktops and mobile phones as well. Many businesses are creating mobile versions of their websites to grab more users towards their business.

Optimizing websites only for desktop devices can’t be an intelligent solution. So businesses have to be smarter and offer services that include mobile search engine optimization, that means optimizing websites for mobile devices making access to websites more accessible and rank higher on mobile phone searches. This can drive a huge amount of traffic and increase conversions of a business website as well.

Promoting a website for mobile phones is possible if the website is completely responsive for mobile devices. Businesses need to make their websites accessible through mobile phones, particularly ecommerce websites designed for the purchase items, which can get more advantage from this as most users don’t bother to open their laptops and desktops to purchase a small item and instead browse through their mobile phones to save time.

The CEO states, “We have seen a lot of great success in our SEO services in terms of higher rankings as well as huge traffic to our client’s websites. This has led us to add some new ones in our company’s services. So we decided to have SEO services for mobile devices. Mobile SEO is on boom nowadays and we are sure that we will become a reputed name in a short span of time by delivering high impact services to our clients.”