Vibhor Mehta Steps Into an International Career


Noida, Uttar Pradesh -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/02/2012 -- Smart thinking, inborn passion and a deep belief in himself got Vibhor Mehta of BIMTECH the placement of his dreams – he has been chosen by Landmark Home Center, Dubai. He will work there as Store Manager post his nine month training stint.

Vibhor Mehta, a Chandigarh boy chose to do his MBA in Retail Marketing at BIMTECH, thanks to his seniors and the various forums available online.

As it turned out, he took a wise decision. In India, Retail is yet to reach its full potential. “A lot of purchasing power is coming from the ever growing middle class. It is an amazing time to be in retail right now. It will only get better with time to come,” Vibhor Mehta predicts.

While working, you need to be in a place where you can give your best to the job and where work does not seem like work at all. It is the sort of scene where you get paid to do what you love. Vibhor agrees. He nods adding, “Where you can learn to love your work.” That too is very important.

At his new job he plans on being a team player, and pushing every member of the team to give their jobs the best possible shot.

He actually got this job after working on a project with Landmark Home Center. Vibhor is well prepared for his job thanks to this and suspects he got the job offer because of his successful completion of the project that the organization gave him.

Current economic trends do not worry this young manager. He is of the educated opinion that things will improve. India has no worries. “There is tremendous growth predicted in organized retail in India,” he says.

However, in retail, competition is tough. Yet, overcoming challenges itself is rewarding. “I learnt this at BIMTECH,” says Mehta. During his interview, he stayed true to himself. “I think believing in myself did the trick.”

Personally, this young manager finds the quote by Robert Louis Stevenson – Everyone got where he is, has had to begin where he was – a very interesting one.

“I would relate it to the problems you face in your life and career. Both have a great role in your future successes as you come out of all of them a better person learning bit by bit along the way,” Mehta says.

He has a suggestion for his juniors. “Give it your best, improve yourself. Your best is the best chance you have got, forget about the competition.”

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