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Now Custom Development Solution for Fiverr Clone Is Available from NCrypted Technologies

The concept of website clones is gaining ever-growing popularity in the IT industry. Website clones serve as a quick way to a perceptive replica of a highly popular website. Now it is possible to get custom Fiverr Clone solution from NCrypted Technologies.


Rajkot, Gujarat -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/03/2012 -- The internet world is coming up with many new and rare type of websites which provide a unique utility to its customers worldwide. Such websites are able to gain high popularity and very good ranking in a short period of time, if their services are widely accepted by the people. One of such unique utility providing websites is Fiverr website. is a place where you can turn your skills into a source of income. Fiverr is a social marketplace site that facilitates buying and selling of services from other users for US$5. Users can post services that they are talented at for free. Tasks performed range from funny and bizarre such as the burning of a small effigy of the buyer's enemy, to practical tasks like checking for errors on a personal website. The website was created to facilitate offering small tasks that would be too menial to solicit a contractor for. Fiverr chose to omit price negotiation from the site to keep transactions simple. It was determined that $5 would be the optimum price.

Also, now days, the trend of preparing website clones (Visit: for getting a replica of the original highly popular website is growing with increasing demand in the IT industry. Website clones enable banking our precious time, energy and money which actually could have been well spent if we were to prepare an original website of our own containing all the necessary features present in the popular website. The saved time, energy and money can be better used on improving the site features, contents and performance.

Now, it is possible to get Fiverr Clone (Visit: built with the custom website clone development solution provided by NCrypted Technologies. NCrypted Technologies is a renowned web development company which offers social marketplace site clone development solution that enables building exactly similar social marketplace site having all the features which are eventually present in the Fiverr website.

The key features of NCrypted’s Fiverr Clone are as follows:
- NCrypted Technologies is the only company which builds a custom website clone script according to your custom requirements of all the features and functionalities you want in the website. All other IT companies are providing readymade 3rd party scripts but no other company is providing a 'custom Fiverr clone solution' like NCrypted. Only NCrypted provides a world-class custom development solution for Fiverr clone.
- NCrypted uses the latest web technologies like PHP, Joomla, JavaScript etc. according to your requirement to build a Web 2.0 and world-class Fiverr clone script site UI design.
- The Company is in the business of web development since past 6 years. So, you can get the advantage of its experience and expertise for Fiverr Clone.
- The Company assumes full responsibility of your Fiverr clone project from the very 1st phase of Project Analysis and Data Gathering right through the Testing phase and beyond.
- NCrypted offers the best quality custom Fiverr clone script solution at a very reasonable and affordable rate.

As the company does not provide a pre-defined readymade Fiverr clone script but a custom Fiverr clone development solution, the client is always in the driving sit regarding customization and ownership of the website. 3rd party ready made scripts suffer from the drawbacks of limited features and functionality and thus do not have the scope to expand the website further. Moreover, the same script is provided to a number of clients which makes it a common replica of the original website and does not help in achieving the project targets in the end. Contradictorily, you can add as many of your required features with necessary functionality in your custom Fiverr clone development solution. It will be your own unique custom website clone solution which will be not only different but even far better than other similar website clones.

A ready made script also does not help you in owning the copyright control of the website with you. This aspect comes in way when you want to go public or sell your website. On the other hand, if it is a custom development solution, it is a fresh code developed especially for you according to your requirement and thus you get 100% copyright ownership for all the source code, graphics and the DBA. Most of all, at NCrypted all these is available with an amazing lower rate almost comparable to that of a leased rate you get for a 3rd party readymade solution!

Fiverr Clone is certainly the best option, if you are planning to make it big with a social marketplace site clone. Moreover, NCrypted is your one-stop solution for getting the best custom Fiverr clone development solution prepared for you. Contact NCrypted Technologies (Visit: today to finalize your custom Fiverr clone solution and take a significant step towards establishing a successful online profession for generating great revenue.