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U-Mate Humate Becomes 'Organic Solution' World Has Been Waiting For

U-Mate is a producer and supplier of pure, 100-percent NewMex U-Mate humate for applications in agriculture, livestock, organic farming, soil remediation after depletion or contamination, pets and more.


Paradise Valley, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/03/2012 -- U-Mate Humate Becomes 'Organic Solution' World Has Been Waiting For By Daniel J. Quigley

What if there was a mineral that could make plants stronger healthier, and thus, more resistant to pests and disease, while producing a larger, better-tasting yield?

How about a product that remedies damaged, depleted soils with a simple regiment of application into agricultural fields or one’s own home garden, and what if the very same product was 100-percent organic and Organic Material Review Institute “Listed?”

Sounds like some kind of dream, right? But scientists and institutions have been studying the positive effects of humate on soils and agriculture for decades.

That’s why CEO Dennis Yellowhorse Jones established U-Mate International Inc. in 1997 to educate and distribute pure New-Mex U-Mate humate, which contains 60-90 percent of the humic and fulvic acids that enrich soils and produce spectacular results.

The product is truly all-American, mined from the mountains near Gallup, N.M.

Humate is not new. Native Americans have known about its benefits for centuries, and Yellowhorse Jones, an experienced geologist, from a family of geologists, has been working to inform the public about humate for nearly 20 years.

A natural stage in the breakdown of organic carbons, humate has been nourishing our fields and crops since the beginning of farming. However, overuse of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, over-farming of the land and erosion have washed it out of our soils. When humate is reintroduced the results are stronger, healthier vegetation, more resistant to toxins and pests.

It’s the open secret that powerful chemical companies don’t want consumers to know about. That’s why U-Mate International works with some of the worlds leading scientists to help educate the world.

Humate stimulates aeration, enhancing the strength of root systems, while promoting the growth of the natural microbes that clean and nourish damaged soils. Humate holds more water than plain soil, leading to better results, using less water.

The benefits of humate are not limited only to plants and soil remediation. U-Mate International’s DairyMate is an effective feed supplement for livestock. At just 1-3 ounces per head, daily, humate can improve overall health of cattle by stimulating growth of rumen flora and absorbing toxins, especially those resulting from molds.

U-Mate’s PetMate can rejuvenate older pets and promote good digestion and overall health for all animals.

Dr. Paul Dettloff, staff veterinarian for the Organic Valley cooperative, who has 45 years of experience, lauds humate.

“In my long career, I have seen many things come and go. I call them new mousetraps. A few of them really stand out and don’t disappear from the scene – they become mainstays, as what they do is so logically basic. Humate is one of these items,” Dettloff says.

Even chickens have been known to lay larger eggs with stronger shells.

U-Mate can be used as a water-filtration agent and be liquefied for application through irrigation systems. Correct application of U-Mate is as important as the product itself, so U-Mate sends its expert team to clients with large orders, to ensure its proper application. In gardens, house plants and pets, just a little bit of U-Mate goes a long way.

Perhaps, humate’s most provocative quality is its potential to mitigate environmental disasters.

The BP oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico has plagued the beaches that line the coast. In July 2010, Yellowhorse Jones, flanked by Oklahoma University Professor of Environmental Chemistry Mark Nanny, Ph.D, presented the “Organic Solution” to cleaning up oil-stricken beaches. Humate holds “a lot of promise,” Nanny says.

Because of U-Mate’s aeration capabilities, it can create voids in the oil-choked soil, stimulating the growth and reproduction of the natural microbial organisms that digest petroleum.

Plus, U-Mate’s molecular bonding capabilities can help dissipate and break up the oil slicks, as well as absorb and neutralize their toxins. There would be no harsh chemicals and no disgusting tar balls that are created by using such “cleanup” agents. In fact, instead of bagging up the tar balls already in existence and moving them to pollute new areas, as is the current cleanup scheme, the tar balls can simply be placed atop the U-Mate-treated beaches where they, too, would be digested by natural microbes.

In 2011, the Earth Society Foundation presented Yellowhorse Jones with its Earth Trustee Award at the United Nations on Earth Day for his work and theories about these types of cleanup operations.

The U-Mate team can assist in the mitigation of nuclear disasters like the Fukishima power plant tragedy. Together, Yellowhorse Jones and American Nuclear Association President Eric Loewen, Ph.D., produced the research paper, “Postretrieval and Preclosure High-Level Radioactive Liquid Waste Tank Lay-up Using New-Mex U-Mate™.” Not just a fancy title, the study demonstrates how New-Mex U-Mate can clean up radioactive sites. The paper won “Most Innovative” at the 2001 Waste Management Conference in Tucson.

“We know, there’s no doubt in our minds that we have something to offer that can help the Japanese people,” Mr. Yellowhorse Jones says about the potential to help Fukushima, using New-Mex U-Mate.

U-Mate, an Organic Solution for the world!

U-Mate International Inc. is an Arizona corporation organized in 1997 by Dennis Yellowhorse Jones, a 24-year Paradise Valley resident, to encourage and support the active use of organic compounds as soil additives and soil resources for the better growth and development of most varieties of plants and possible uses as a soil remediation tool.

U-Mate International holds rights to large tracts of land in northwest New Mexico where known deposits of fulmic, ulmic and humic acids, as well as other organic compounds, are found. Collectively, these compounds are referred to as "humate."

The land rights are in areas where large quantities of superior quality humate is found.

Humate is extracted from the ground, pulverized, placed in granular form and packaged or mixed into solution and sold under various trade names including U-Mate™, Humate in Action™, Bio-U-Mate™, New-Mex U-Mate™, New-Mex Humate™, PetMate™ and DairyMate™.

U-Mate International Inc. is in an enviable position because its mining operations, processing site and transportation facility are located in the Gallup, N.M. area. U-Mate International Inc. has the flexibility of both rail transportation and motor freight. Its processing facility is on a rail siding and it is located only a few miles from I-40, the California, Arizona and Mexican markets are readily accessible from this location.

U-Mate International Inc. CEO Dennis Yellowhorse Jones is available for media interviews, customer inquiries and general information.

- Earth Society Foundation, Earth Trustee Award presented to Dennis Yellowhorse Jones for Earth Day at The United Nations on March 20.2011.
- Testified at the United States Senate Committee On Commerce, Science and Transportation, Washington, D.C. on BP Oil Spill July 21, 2010.
- Report by American Nuclear Society President Eric Loewen, Ph.D., “Postretrieval and Preclosure High-Level Radioactive Liquid Waste Tank Lay-up Using New-Mex U-Mate™” won “Most Innovative” at the 2001 Waste Management Conference in Tucson, Ariz.

Check out our YouTube videos which include U-Mate CEO Dennis Yellowhorse Jones testifying to the U.S. Senate about the “Organic Solution” to the BP oil disaster and interviews with Yellowhorse Jones for an upcoming documentary: Www.youtube.com/user/NewMexUMate?feature=guide.

U-Mate in Agriculture:
- Our humate is owned by U-Mate International Inc. and is sold as New-Mex U-Mate, which is OMRI (Organic Material Review Institute) Listed:
- Leading food producers throughout the world use our product.
- Independent tests show a 30-percent increase or more in crop yields, with better taste.
- Humate helps resist droughts and will produce better yields with 25 percent less water for when there is insufficient irrigation.
- Improves profits by reducing your fertilizer bill by one-third.
- Utilizes fertilizers and prevents leaching away from the root zones.
- Reduces soil erosion that saves topsoil.
- Increases plant nutrition by supplying available trace and minor elements.
- Grow organic foods and receive a higher market price for your crop.
- Decreases the remediation time of soil, for more usable acreage for farming.
- Grow larger, prettier flowers with less work and time.
- Using our OMRI-listed organic humate will make it easier for one to get crops Certified Organic.
- Quantities to be used are dependent on soil conditions.

Dairy Cattle
- Dr. Paul Dettloff, DVM, of Organic Valley COOP, recommends our product. Also, we have testimonials from dairymen. Our product has been tested by Texas A&M.
- Is a wonderful carbon source for the friendly microbes in the rumen and small intestine.
- Helps permit growth of rumen flora as every time there is a different plant coming in for digestion, the forage and grains consumed vary for proper digestion.
- Prevents off feeds, scours, and poor utilization of the feeds.
- Is a superior source for trace elements so needed for enzyme production.
- Has the ability to absorb toxins, especially from molds.
- Is very useful when feeding moldy feed, as Fusarium molds are a growing problem with round-up ready corn and soybeans.
- Recommended usage is 1-3 oz. per animal per day and can be fed free choice. Consult your nutritionist.
- This product is owned by DairyMate LLC and is sold as DairyMate and contains 100-percent New-Mex U-Mate.

Pets (Dogs)
- Improves overall health and energy of older pets.
- Adds sheen to the pet’s coat.
- Increases stamina.
- Recommended usage is one-half teaspoon per pet per day or can be fed free choice.
- Testimonials are from actual users.
- This product is owned by PetMate LLC and is sold as PetMate and contains 100-percent New-Mex U-Mate.
Oil Remediation
- Dr. Mark Nanny, University of Oklahoma has provided various studies and consulting.
Our humate:
- Will sorb petroleum components thereby decreasing toxicity of the petroleum to indigenous microflora responsible for petroleum biodegradation.
- Provides nutrients, act as a carbon substrate, and/or provide specific organic compounds stimulating microbial growth.
- Provide a viable physical substrate surface for microbial growth and that allows access to sorbed petroleum.
- Provide moisture necessary for microbial growth in petroleum saturated environments.
- Improve soil texture thereby allowing aeration, which facilitates aerobic biodegradation. This point is of importance because in the case of crude oil, which sometimes does not contain high concentrations of toxic components but rather is comprised mostly of saturated hydrocarbons. Drastic changes in the physical characteristics of the contaminated soil (e.g., porosity, water retention capability, permeability) may impede vegetation growth, inevitably leading to a decrease in soil quality.
- Humate-induced remediation is environmentally significant not only for the fact that it appears to stimulate remediation of crude oil contamination through hydrocarbon adsorption and biodegradation enhancement. But also because humate:

1) Is a component of the natural organic carbon cycle, i.e., they are a naturally produced material;
2) Is environmentally benign;
3) Helps improve soil characteristics that encourage and foster vegetation growth;
4) May stimulate indigenous microbial growth that may initiate and enhance intrinsic bioremediation.

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